Don't break the rules, it was all they had to do.




The heavy sound of a doorbell woke her up, from her sleep less state, the whole night Cathleen inspecting her one floor home, and how everything from the past few days kept her wide awake the most of the night. In her gray floral plaid undershirt too faded to wear in public with a printed flannel pants mint cream color she opened the door with a cloud white fleece bath robe pair with slippers matching as if were a set. “Welcome to the neighborhood!”

    A couple in their late thirties maybe even early forties were at the door with a smile on both faces, the woman with short blonde hair in a pixie style cut in a long waterfall burlywood shade poncho reaching to the tips of her knees revealing black leggings. The arm over her shoulders belonged to the man with matching black jeans with a light gray long sleeved shirt paired with his laced up shoes and a close cut shaved beard.“We were wondering if you would like to go to lunch at our place”

The woman continued now holding her tanned hand out to Cathleen to return the handshake,  “I'm Jen Carpenter and this is my husband Michael Carpenter”

“Nice to meet you both, I'm Cathleen Forester-”

After shaking both of the couple’s hands only to get interrupted by the wife as she took a quick and not even try hide that fact sticking her head back out,

“What a beautiful name, Kathleen Foster”

Cathleen then trying to resist correcting the now daydreaming woman, only for her the quiet till now husband softly suggested, “You can come only if you want too.”


It was a fair-sized house built of sandy brown Lyons Sandstone with the most god-awful-looking picket fence she’d ever seen. With a surprisingly set of baby blue curtains wide open revealing matching blue plaid sofa with heavy oak arms, a bookcase neatly stocked with paperbacks, family pictures on one wall, a china cabinet against another. As well with lamps washed the window in a strong incandescent glow.

Cathleen already changed her clothing to more of a casual look, wearing a long sleeve crepe light cyan blouse with black jeans, held up with a white belt matching the light sweater with large buttons matching her pants, all above black canvas boat shoes.

How if if before I lived in this hellhole it was bloody june, now it's early fall?

No sound in the house, not even the sounds that houses make:air-conditioning, or furnace, or the stairwell creaking, or the frig cycling on; nothing but a silence that seemed to have been thickening ever since she came through the unlocked screen door. She slipped her shoes off and joined the happy couple with the table already set with a traditional transparent dinnerware, tossed salad, baked potatoes…

“I hope you like crockpot lemon chicken,” Jen chuckled as she place as the centerpiece, joining Michael and Cathleen after she brushed her dress lightly.

Ever since yesterday, that one part that I just  can’t stop thinking of…

They already were in deep conversation, but Cathleen clouded up her mind blurring out all other words.

“I’m the school’s counselor at Allenview the private school, the program ranges from kindergarten,  all the way to twelfth grade.” Jen began as she took a sip from the water, then returning it, to it's original place on the blue coaster. “And my Husband is a automotive body repairer.”

This shouldn't be can’t be,

“His shop is on the same street as the school, that's also how we met..” The silver fork teared in the tender white meat as the sweet lemon drip to the plate underneath, finally reaching the blonde’s lips.

I knew this place was already messed up but this is just sinister,

“I wouldn't be surprised if you noticed I have no kids, I wish I could but I…”

Pausing to sign Jen started to play with her fork, only to start being hugged from the side, “She has PCOS,” Michael finished as her pulled away from the short hug. PCOS is a hormone imbalance problem which can interfere with normal ovulation, which have been known as the most common infertility, stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome.

“I’m sorry you have to go through that..”

How knew a place like this could be so damn corrupt,

    All the couple could see was a sympathy weak smile along with full concern, only for disgust, and doubts of this small community. Then receiving smiles back from the husband and wife only for their eyes to show a different story, and that story was about suspicion, which could only replay the same message in her head, over and over.

“Immediately contact authorities of any suspicious acts of any kind, and suspect will be publicly executed as soon as possible. Please keep a watchful eye for new residents, and are the most common to preform this act. All that oppose the authorities, same death sentence will take place. Any crime committed a certain amount of time punishment will not change, including any breaking of rules. For the sake of our future, do the right thing.”

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