Don't break the rules, it was all they had to do.


2. My Little Baby Girl

    “Do you know about how and who could get their hands on any of this-”

“You do know it's rude to only talk to me when you need help, Arty”

Spinning in her desk chair, with an outdated phone to her head the blonde teased the obviously aggravated detective.     

“Sara, This is not the time for your little stupid games-”

“Calling my job stupid is rude too…” Sara pouted staring at her many desktops,  laptops anything that had a screen she had it.

“Where’s Cathy? She’s not mean to me like you are, Arty” Already realized Cathy hopped up and left him, Art tries to ignore the last question and stays on topic.

“I'm serious I need you to see everyone who could have excess to, um formaldehyde, methanol, and glutaraldehyde-”

“I love annoying you. Your so annoying-able!”

“That's not even a damn word and…” Why hasn’t she lost her job already?

Art thought while turning right at a red light in his honda crosstour 2010 with a nice tint of red.

“Oh also did you know red cars are the most common cars to get pulled over?”

“Shit, I didn’t see any signs…” Over hearing the police sirens from behind Art pulled over to the side on the one way road. “...And I did you know it's illegal to hack street camera’s?”

    “Not here, or well if I don’t leave a trail. But then again that would not be surprising…” Sara babbled on, “Also I already checked up and got a list of suspects I can shorten if you gave me at least a little more information..”


“Arty? Hello! You there? I’m out of diet Pepsi! Stop ignoring me! That's it I’ll-”

*Dial tone*


With her glock 22 in her handbag, Cathleen in her Piaggio MP3 500 scooter drove over the speed limit only to hear the police sirens from behind. “Alone” she remember and had to pull over to the side of Sheldon road. A middle aged mustache  

“Do you realize how fast you were going Missy?”

She then pushed her helmet off revealing her messy red hair the in reaching in her bag, “Police business Detective For-” Shit I left my wallet with Art

“Let me guess don’t have your badge on you?”

“Well I do have my driver-” my driver license is also in my wallet…

“At least you can tell I'm old enough to have a driver license” Cathleen began looking the police officer in the eye, since he was short enough to meet her height sitting down.    “Actually you look old enough to get your license taken away” Talk about rude...she rolled her eyes. “That would be $200 for speeding,” The officer concluded, finishing writing out her ticket. Then shoving her ticket into her handbag she drove off in the stupid speed limit off to the warehouse’s in the edge of the city which was only a mile away.  Finally I’ve came for you Rose,-

Everything went black and all Cathleen could feel was the hard concrete ground after being thrown from her scooter and hear the loud ringing in her ears. She tried to stop the ringing by helplessly covering her ears only to feel blood lightly oozing out. Feeling the intense heat of fire she called out to Rose crawling a foot closer to the collapsing building and her now blurry vision had little help.

“Rose!” Cathleen cried out for her daughter as she started feeling dizzy while trying to sit up only to see everything turn black once again, feeling the hard floor of her head colliding to it.  

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