Don't break the rules, it was all they had to do.


1. John Doe

    It was only half past six in the afternoon, in a old police department on a not so busy tuesday. Filled with fellow detectives and newly recruited officers all proudly wearing blue, only for a small but quite a eye pleasure noticeable gleam of beautiful orange with a small mix of red hair stood out. The hair in a cramped bun belonged to detective Cathleen Forester.

But her hair wasn’t the only thing cramped, including the remaining half of her jimmy john's sandwich in her mouth as she slammed her laptop closed when the deputy chief walked to her desk.

“I don’t have the time to ask what you were doing besides actually work” The tired old man advised while tossing a small file in Forester’s lap.

I was only checking my email.  “You have to be at another crime scene on Central avenue.” He continued as she quickly scanned the photo’s in the file as well as evidence.

“Wait, since when do I work on missing cases?-”

“Since it's more than a missing case, Forester”

On Central avenue roadblocks have been put up not quite far enough from the crime scene. The rusted edges of the faded white civic stood out, parked to the side of the road and by the time Cathleen made it to the scene her partner was already checking out the car.

“Well about time you got here, Cathy.” Hating the little nickname Art gave Cathleen she eventually gave up on constantly correcting her partner.

“The bloody hell is this?’ Cathleen uttered looking through the wide open car window looking down to a corpse of a man who couldn't be any older than late twenties. Did he bloody freeze to death?

“Apparently this john doe didn’t freeze to death..” Art continued as if he read his partner’s mind. Well it looks like he did. Then he started motioning his clipboard towards the body then to his impatience partner. “But instead this is some Captain America shit to preserve his body even though this obviously backfired.”

“Either way, I doubt he would worry about death at such a young age.” Cathleen shook her head at her own comment.

“Now back to how this John Doe actually died, Cathy” Art advised “His eyes are bloodshot red showing that possible drowning. Which would explain how frozen water could have formed around him.”

“But Art, I believe it kinda hard to drown in water cold enough to freeze in the middle of june…” Cathleen objected while playing with one of her curly strands of hair only for the light pressure of a hand of her shoulder from behind.

“I'm sorry but that can wait for tomorrow.”  One of the members of the forensic team informed the two detectives pointing to the sky the was already showing all signs of a newly forming rainstorm that would without interfering wash away all the evidence. The rest of the crime scene cleanup by that time were almost finishing up. Since when did we get a new forensic team?

    The next day Art and Cathleen were called come to the morgue where they informed the two detectives that the confirmed  cause of death for the John Doe from the other day  was of blood loss.

    “Blood loss? How is that possible?” Cathleen testified at the hispanic woman who gave that very information about than adjusting her glasses farther up her nose,

“A punctured mark on his neck injected into his right common carotid artery a mixture of chemicals to produce a embalming-like fluid. The majority of the mixture i'm not familiar with or never heard of…” The female medical examiner confessed “This mixture I know contains formaldehyde, methanol, and glutaraldehyde, which are the most common mixture for embalming and this process used the traditional injection and drainage...but the most disturbing fact…” Biting her lip the examiner seemed to be deep in thoughts of how to word this upsetting part.

“ how when I originally found the time of death was after the embalming process.”

“So some son of a bitch drained that kid dry just to not even spare him to test whatever the hell this is?” Art snapped, which is surprising based off his normal calm personality. But Cathleen knew about and possibly the only one does know is how Art lost his son many years ago which is why and what pushed him to become who he is to prevent any more tragedies like what he had faced. “Art, this maybe too personal to-”

“No,'s fine it's just why-”

*phone rings*

Embarrassingly Cathleen picks up her phone and wanders away to take the call. “Hello-”

“Detective Forester.” Wait how did they get my personal number? “Yes, you're speaking with her.”

“Excellent, then I shall start off vaguely. If you wish to learn the identity of your “John doe” then I highly request you come to the address I’d already sent you, alone. If not Im sure I could entertain myself with some one else...I would not be surprised if anyone told what beautiful gray eyes your daughter has. I haven't seen such gray eyes in a very long time.”

“Bloody fucking hell"  Reading the sent address quickly then with her new emotion-less face, she tried to leave without anyone noticing and that's what she did.

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