Don't break the rules, it was all they had to do.


5. Baby Blue Curtains


“Why do I even put up with that woman...” Art asked himself scrolling through his missed calls on his samsung galaxy with his shining emerald green case reflecting the hot summer sun as he walked into his partner’s apartment.

Then wiggling his extra key opening the door revealing a foul scent of gasoline, only to throw his key several feet from him waving his burned hand in the air.

“For the love of God...Sara what the hell did you do now-” Now feeling the blazing heat from inside he tried ramming the door down only to give up and pull the fire alarm.

Some time after, it was late in the afternoon, firefighters already calmed down the fire and all the residents of the apartment building have safely exited the building.

“I'm sorry but we aren't allowed back in until tomorrow.” The short hispanic manager of the building had to repeated to the tired currently homeless people in front of him.


    The next morning came and Art who finally tried calling Sara back only to get immediate voicemail, returned to the apartment building in Cathleen and Sara’s apartment. The detective cautiously walked in her office looking at her burned desktops, crumbled documents, broken furniture, walls tearing itself apart, and everything in that room was either burned to, broken or unusable in any way.

    “Odd” The man clarified to himself, as he compared her office to the rest of the apartment, obviously one can tell that was the same room the fire started in. But in the fire investigator’s report he put “accidental fire” where the whole fire was caused by a medley candle. Which was kind of hard to accept about how the room smells like gasoline…

                  “I’ve heard of bad calls from fire investigators but this is ridiculous…” Art shook his head readjusting his ivy colored cabbie hat. He continued to quietly think to himself only to feel the thick fur of a small animal rub against his heel,

“Oh I can’t believe I almost forgot about you, MIlo” Art then stroked the small cat, which her name originated from the first thing Rose came up with when she wanted to name her. Her midnight black fur coat with tufts of white hair standing out on each of her paws along with the tip of her swaying tail.

Bending down to his knees he glanced suspiciously at the  

“I don’t like this feeling..” Art picked up the oddly calm cat and started his way back out the door as he wondered about the location of Sara, Cathleen and her daughter. He reached into his wore down pocket to pull out his phone immediately switching to his past call logs to click, connecting to the very same department he worked in, as the phone dial sang in his ear Art sighed, “I don’t like it one bit.”


    Not being able to leave apparently isn’t the strangest thing here...Cathleen thought to herself as she flipped through the laminated packet.

    Welcome to Allendale! We are overjoyed that you joined our small community, and hope you enjoy your new lives here. Allendale focuses on the future, that means everyone one is invited. One’s past can’t and won’t define who they are now, and that includes you!

Momentarily on page 7 are all the laws you’ll follow now that you are a new resident! Don’t worry, all these rules are quite easy to follow. After thoroughly reading that selection will be the open jobs you can fill in. Lastly will be an overview map of our little town. Have any questions unanswered?

Send in a paper copy to the return address at the end of this reading.

Also remember “You may try to leave Allendale, but Allendale won’t leave you”

    “Ha, Ha that doesn’t sound suspicious at all…” She tried to persuade herself sarcastically, as she sat on her new queen bed without any obvious advertisement, she then setting the packet on the oak knee high coffee table with no coffee but instead in it's place flower designed coasters.

Investigating the quiet house, that looked almost like it's been untouched for many years, apart from how dust-free this small house was. Besides the ugly green paint which was the main thing to attract someone's attention, this house was, well perfect, Cathleen admitted to herself.

Finding her way back to the front yard of the residence, she felt the cool breeze of early fall but what certainly caught her mind, was the steel porch swing with a canopy cover able to hold up to three people, was blown lightly by the passing wind.

The outdoor patio fencing only four feet high and was about the same size as all the surrounding fence’s all belonging to people who seem to care less about privacy in their own backyard, Cathleen then started visualizing the same passage in the folder which were the rules she was unfamiliar with,

-Do not discuss one's life before Allendale

-Do not go out of town borders

-Do not cause, support, or take any part to terrorist-like acts or attacks

-Do not “go on strike” with higher ups

-Do not go in “restricted areas”

-Do not take any part in any help or support in out of town contact

-Do not…

The list lasted what seemed like forever to the former detective, only to be called back to reality by her modern automatic garden sprinklers directing her sight to the freshly soil and prepared it practically begged to be turned into a garden.

Then turning around feeling the sense of preying eyes locked on the back of her as if there were a red target there. With corners of her eyes she could see the quick baby blue curtains shut at the house at her left, only to turn her direction to the setting sun greeting the new dusk sky, as if she didn’t even notice the curtains.


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