Never giving Up- a young mother's journey

A life time with depression, anxiety and a brief period of dyslexia, his young woman has a hard life. Will having a baby help?


2. Prologue

Mrs. Roberts was a very happy woman. She had a lovely little girl and a huge house. Her baby girl has blond hair, blue eyes and a sweet smile. Her mother would dress her up, take her to the park, and read to her. But when the baby got older, she stopped smiling, stopped being happy. She cried her self to sleep every night and stopped talking to her mother. At the age of six, she almost committed suicide. Her mother caught her in the act and sent to the doctors. "Has she suffered from any tragic events?" The doctor asked. "No, she's always been a happy girl. She was loving, kind and gentle." Her mother said, tears cascading across her face. "Mrs. Roberts, I am afraid to say that this little girl is depressed.. Has she been eating lately?" She asked. "No, she would eat half a plateful and would run to her room." Her mother said. The doctor shook her head. "I'd keep a close watch on her." The doctor said.

At the age of ten, the girl started cutting her self. Her mother didn't notice until it was the girl's birthday. Cuts were dotted all over her legs and arms. She went through several treatments, but they couldn't cure her depression.The girl didn't eat for a month and got seriously sick. Doctors gave disease after disease but they didn't know how to cure her. The little girl grew more and more depressed. Her mother desperately started feeling hopeless...

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