Never giving Up- a young mother's journey

A life time with depression, anxiety and a brief period of dyslexia, his young woman has a hard life. Will having a baby help?


4. Chapter 2

The young girl awoke in a dimly lit hospital room. An IV was stuck in her arm. She thought about her night. What happened? A nurse came in then, she looked tired. "Honey, I want you to see Doctor Michelle Swantson, she is a brill\iant young lady." The nurse said. "Why do I need to see her?" The girl asked. "Well, Michelle is a therapist, she will help you discover they you want to kill your self." The nurse said. The girl scowled at the nurse. "I am not trying to kill my self." She said curtly. "Honey, you were caught trying to kill your self several times." The nurse said. The girl didn't say a thing.

Back at home, the young teen sat on the front porch, reading a book she had recieved from the mail. "Hey FatA//!" Arthur shouted, throwing a rock at her face. She didn't dodge fast enough and got hit on the eye, it was going to take a lot of makeup to cover this up. "What are you doing dumba//?" He asked, picking up a brick, aiming it at her head. A shiver raised in to her spine. "I'm reading." She said, trying not to cry. The black eye was starting to burn. She needed to clean it "Reading? Yeah right!" He sneered. He threw the brick and the girl's face crumpled, knowing that she wouldn't be able to dodge this brick. It hit her hard in the head, she was unconscious in seconds. Her mother came out, carrying out a basket of apples that she was going to deliver to a neighbor who was going to a picnic. She saw her daughter spawned on the ground, blood scattered everywhere. She ran to the house, grabbed her keys and called the ambulance. "My daughter has been attacked! Please help her!" She cried.

Her mother had drove for a few before the paramedics came and stopped by the car. They got her set up and drove off.

Small concussion, a big lump on her head and bruising around the eye. She was in the hospital for a few days. A/N

I hope you all like this book so far. The girl's name won't be revealed until the next chapter.

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