Never giving Up- a young mother's journey

A life time with depression, anxiety and a brief period of dyslexia, his young woman has a hard life. Will having a baby help?


3. Chapter 1

The bell rang, sending kids running toward the front door. Now fourteen, the girl waited until she could pass the door way of Jefferson Middle school, which she graduated from this morning. Her mother couldn't make it, her dad was at work and her aunt is in labor. She stepped on the step of the building and looked back. She wouldn't miss this place. It smells like oil and ear wax. As she was walking home, a girl with strawberry blond hair threw a pencil at her. "Fatty!" She shouted and laughed. The girl dodged the pencil and kept on walking. Many boys threw rocks at her and called her names that burned her insides. It was a long walk, five minutes. The house appeared from the corners of her eye. It sent a welcoming vibe, which the teen ignored. She slammed the door shut. The hurt and pain of the day was too much. She began to cry. "Honey!" Her mother started, startled by her daughter's bursting in. She looked up to see her daughter crying. Her eyes were puffy and smudges of ink were dotted on her face. "What's the matter?" She asked, concerned. "N n nothing." The girl stammered and ran in to her room. In her room, she saw Ruby, Jade and Emerald, her three kittens nestled in their basket. She scooped them up and cuddled them until they all were hapy and sleepy. Washing her face, she took out her new knife. It was pretty sharp, not enough to do some real damage later on in life. She cut around her wrist and massaged her temples. She took half a bottle of aspirin and laid down for an hour.

Three hours later...

"Deric call the ambulance! ... Is not breathing." Linascreamed. She looked at her fourteen year old girl. She was coated from the wrist to her fingertips with. Blood. A bottle of aspirin was half empty. She started praying. "Please God, don't take our little girl>"

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