Broken (L.H)

Without him I became Completely and utterly broken


3. 2.

The hallways were frigid and empty.


I was going to be late to my first my first day.

I looked down at the green piece of paper that held my schedule and walked towards room 976.

The door was closed and locked.

Just fantastic.

I knocked and a stern-faced man in his sixties opened the door.

He mumbled something under his breath as I walked in.

Everyone was staring at me.

I looked quickly for an empty seat and found one in the back.

I walked fast, but was cut short when the teacher told me to come introduce myself to the class.

I had bad anxiety when things like this happened. My face got red and my breathing got heavier and I slurred my words.

I stood in front of the class. Every last one of the had their eyes deadlocked on me.

Three girls to the let of me were laughing at what I could only guess was my outfit.

"U-Um M-My n-name is A-Annalise Grayson, and I'm from Augusta, Maine" I said as quickly as I could.

I rushed to my seat and covered my face in embarressment.

I looked up and saw someone staring at me.

It was Luke again.


The end of the day rolled around and I met Michael at his car.

He didn't say anything to me at first, but it didn't take long before he did.

"So how was your day? Did you meet anybody? What classes do you have?" 

Question after question flooded out of him.

I wished he would shut up.

I turned toward the window so he would get the message that I didn't want to talk. 

He turned on the car and we drove to his house.

I was never going to refer to it as my home, because it most definetly was not my home.

----  2 years prior ----

It had been a month since me and Aaron broke up.

I had driven by his house and saw a for sale sign on the yard.

I didn't care where he went.

It was probably better this way.

When we were together that building was a second home to me.

Now it was like a piece of ancient history mashed with a bilion other memories.



Hello Lovelies!!!

I promise to update more often now and i effort to get to know you guys more i'm going to ask a question each chapter.

Feel free to answer this in the comments or in a mumble or not at all!

Today's question is: What is your favorite animal?





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