Broken (L.H)

Without him I became Completely and utterly broken


2. 1.

I looked at the outside of the house.

It was small, but beautiful.

I walked in the house and looked up to see a sign saying "Welcome Annaleise!!" in bold pink print. 

"Your room is just this way" Karen stated and I followed her.

It was bieige and had a single bed and a small white vanity.

"We can go shopping to redecorate it soon, if you would like." She said.

I just smiled at her and she left to let me unpack.

I heard voices downstairs that I couldn't make out. 

I put my single ugly green suitcase on my bed and walked back to the living room.

When I stepped in I saw 3 boys, all with fringes. One was staring at me. He was blonde and had crystal blue eyes.

"oh, um Annaleise this is Calum, Ashton, And Luke." Michael said introducing me to the three boys.

"Um, Hi" I said and walked away, but from the corner of my eye I saw Luke still staring at me.


I opened my eyes and they adjusted to the unfamiliar surrondings.

It was Monday and my first day at my new school.

I got out of bed and took a shower, then went downstairs to eat.

I saw Michael already awake playing fifa with Ashton.

"Hello Annaleise!" Ashton shouted a bit to loud. 

"Hello Ashton." I said faintly.

I walked ito the kitchen and got some cereal.

It tasted like dust, but nevertheless it was food.

I checked the time. It was 5 minutes till I had to leave.

I got my stuff together and headed out the door with Ashton and Michael.

When I reached the school we seperated, They went to class and I went to the office.

When I opened the door I saw a round-faced lady with stunning red hair. 

"How may I help you dear." She said in a sweet voice.

"I'm here to pick up my schedule." I responded.

"Name?" She asked.

"Annaliese Grayson." I said.

She got up from her chair and walked to the back of the office.

She returned a minute later with three pieces of paper.

"Here you are." She said.

I then stepped out of the office and into my new "hell".


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