Willow Tree

willow treaty is a very quiet girl. she prefers the term observant. everyday life is the exact same for willow. her haunting thoughts and loud voices control her every move. these loud voices are known as suzy and anna (lower case intended. this book is a very weird one and will have no romantic feelings or romantic settings in it. so if you like that shiz please leave. it will have some graphic descriptions of drug, alcohol, fights. so please be warned. anyway please read on as this is basically the story that goes through my head every day)


1. prolouge

as i hum an unfamiliar tune i feel an eery sense of power. my bones feel prickly and i giggle to myself about even the simplest of things. the sun went down meer minutes ago but i do not mind, you see i do like darkness. it's home. anyway.... i sat on the swing underneath the willow tree my parents named me after. its very beautiful, just hanging there. i may only be in my back garden but at least i am out. the idea of sitting listening to my beautiful mother talk about the four ways to knit a cat would've driven me to sanity. and darling i am never sane. i loved the look on my mothers face when she was told how crazy her perfect daughter is. i may be insensitive but at least its because im crazy not because im some bitchy popular girl. 

"if you keep talking to yourself like that everyone will think you are crazy" anna ran over to me from behind the tree. i forgot she was here. i mean she always is, i never go anywhere without my friends. 

"don't worry anna nobody can hear me out here."  i smiled at her. i hated anna, but i have been friends with her since I was born, I can't get rid of her. she's so clingy and annoying. always getting attached to me, suzy was worse. She threatened me, constantly, there was no escape from the nightmare she created me, but she told me she loved me and what she did was for the best. i mean that's what friends are for. 

"yeah but we can loony. anyway, shouldn't you be inside. oh wait there is monsters in there. you know those ones who always haunt you and tell you what to do. oh wait they don't exist!" suzy proclaimed as she walked out from behind anna. her jet black hair matched her heart. she was stone cold. she told me what to do and i did it. no matter how much anna protested. 

"i need to get to sleep. to bed. will you guys leave me alone for one night!" i screamed slightly. i didn't want to upset suzy. 

"no we will not leave you alone, we are your friends you will trust us!" suzy screamed making anna cower. i nodded my head before suzy grabbed my hand guiding me towards my house. we ran into my mum who smiled warmly.

"going upstairs to do homework i guess?" my mother asked. before i could answer suzy glared at her before dragging me away. anna muttering behind me about how that was rude and my mum is hurt now and might kick me out. i felt my stomach churn and twist. i hate these girls. but i can't leave them.


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