Willow Tree

willow treaty is a very quiet girl. she prefers the term observant. everyday life is the exact same for willow. her haunting thoughts and loud voices control her every move. these loud voices are known as suzy and anna (lower case intended. this book is a very weird one and will have no romantic feelings or romantic settings in it. so if you like that shiz please leave. it will have some graphic descriptions of drug, alcohol, fights. so please be warned. anyway please read on as this is basically the story that goes through my head every day)


2. Chapter One

i woke up to my mum shaking my body violently. before i could think of a reply suzy screamed next to me

"what!" he voice spat. 

"you are late to school. get up" she replied not acknowledging suzy at all, she quickly left the room awkwardly. 

"if we are late everyone will laugh at us. please just stay home. i can't deal with that today!" anna panicked from the other side of me. i nodded my head at her before getting out of bed and getting changed into a huge sweater and jeans. they followed me down the stairs and out the door. i walked the opposite way to school, i did not want to deal with anna today. 

"i think someone is following us." suzy taunted me trying to get anna to freak out. i carried on walking both of the girls behind me. i lit a cigarette not caring how much anna screamed at me to put it out and that i was killing myself. that was the point.  each drag made suzy and anna shut up a little bit, thank god.

soon i reached hell. anna begging me to just go home. suzy laughing at how many people were looking at me. 

great friends eh? 


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