American. What does it mean to be American? Are any of us truly American?


1. What does it mean?

My city, my town, day after day

Situated comfortably in the U.S.A

That makes me an American, a patriotic person

As the times go on, the world seems to worsen

 Then, I wonder what it truly means to be American


I was born here, raised here

However, they weren't, not near

My parents, American born, just like me

We all had the dream to be free

My great -grandparents, we don't share a birthplace

But we've came together, we've became tangled like lace

From the towns in Sweden to Portugal's coast

I know what country is in our heart the most

The United States

It has opened the gates

These gates are the gates of freedom

As beautiful as the garden of Eden

But I still wonder what it means to be truly American


The fourth of July 

It makes some cry

The dream of freedom, the fight

You give it all, all your might

So you can raise your flag high above your head

Share the colors, the white, blue, and red

We all share a common bond, a similar mind

Looking back, how was I so blind?

We all love the place, no matter our past

Listen to the fireworks, the blast

Loving one's country, the red, blue, and white

Remembering the freedom and the fight

Loving everyone, and the country together

No matter the situation, no matter the weather

United We Stand

I take you in my hand

That is what it means to be a true citizen of the U.S.A

                                                                                               To be proud of our country, in every way





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