First feeling

The girl, who never had one feeling- not even pain,sandness, happiness or love. Till the first day in high school. She never felt this way. But she's diffrend of other girls...


1. First feeling

Jane slowly opened her eyes and stare in her white ceiling. Then she sit down and look around her. She watch at closed, desk, TV, zofa and dark coloured walls. Then she got up of the bed and walk to the bathroom. Her little sister was alredy in there so she knew that she's late.

She wrecking on the door and try that her sister get out. ''I need a little more time!'' she scream out of the bathroom. Instead to wasting her time with Gracie(Her younger sisiter) she need to chose what she will be wear on the first day of high school.

She choose a white dress with flowers. 

Her sister was finally out and the run to the bathroom. The need to shower and she did it fast. She dress up and look at the mirror. She use a little eyeliner, smoke eyeshadow, mascara and dark lipstick. Then she take her black adidas bag and run down the stairs. ''Bye mum, bye dad'' she said and disappeared trougt the door. 

Bus was already on the station so she came right in the moment. The bus was full, there was just one free sit right next to some girl. Girl friendly took her bag and placed in on her knees. Then she smiled. Jane sit down and said ''thanks'' ''No problem'' she anwsered. ''Kate'' she said and strech out a hand in greeting- Jane did it to and said ''Jane''. They find out that they go to the same school- to be a writer. Jane maybe didn't loom like that but she enjoyed the reading and she wantet to be somone in literature.


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