The Labyrinth Comes to Kill

"And you know I hate haunted houses, so why do you continue to harass me about it?"
"You have to get over your fear of them sometime in your life. Besides, Jack and his friends are coming!" She explains.
"Oh so I should go to look like a coward in front of your brother AND his friends! Brilliant."
Now it's my turn to roll my eyes as I slam my locker door and spin on my heel to face her.
"Actually," she starts, grinning, "We'll stick you in the middle of the line so you'll be the last to die."


5. Trapped

It is much darker in here compared to the other room which has dim lights that allowed us to see when we were searching through the pit. Mel, Jack and Ashton, who is still carrying me, sprint down the hallway, not ever daring to look back. Ashton finally sets me down when we come to a dead end with a door on either side.

“Which way?” Ashton asks while catching his breath.

“Maybe we should split up,” Jack suggests.

Ashton gives him a crazy look. “Oh yeah because nothing goes wrong when a group splits up!”

“We can’t just stay here all day! Those psychos could be in this hallways already hunting us! We don’t have time for this! Jack and I will go left, you and Ashton go right,” Mel declares before she dashes through the left door, Jack following immediately behind. I open the right door and we rush in. Inside there is nothing but darkness. I hear footsteps outside in the hallway, then  a door creaking open, before the footsteps sounds become quieter and quieter. I let out a breath I wasn’t aware I was holding.

Aston and I slump down the walls across from one another. I listen to Ashton’s rapid breathing slow down back to normal, leaving the room relatively silent.

It is the silence that drives me crazy.

“Carter is dead,” I deadpan. The fact has finally caught up with me. “I couldn’t save him-”

“Ken please. Don’t do this to yourself,” Ashton interrupts. I hear him stand to comes towards me.

But he never reaches me. A ruffling noise sounds from the corner of the room. “Ash-”

“What?! NO-”

A light turns on, blinding me. My gaze drops to the floor where Ashton lays unconscious. I look up slightly to see if I can see the person responsible with no luck. The light then flickers off and I hear the door open, then the bolt of the lock on the outside of the door turn. I run over to Ashton and check his pulse; it’s steady, and there is no sign of blood. A sigh of relief washes over me but it short lived.

We are trapped.

I begin to pace, not knowing what to do. I use my hands to find the outline of the door. I feel the handle then backup. I start to kick the door, desperate to get out, to get away from here. The door however, isn’t even budging.

I spend twenty minutes at least doing this until I finally give up.

“Took you enough time to know escape is impossible.” The loudspeaker booms with the same voice as before.

“What do you want from me!” I cry.

“What are you afraid of?” The voice casually coos.

“Why would I ever tell you?” A cold shiver runs down my spine. I run over to Ashton, cradling his head in my lap.

“Very true, it would be unwise to tell me. But that’s fine, for I already know. Jack is very talkative.” A monitor comes to life in the corner of the room. On it shows Jack and Mel, both tied to a chair, back to back, and Mel is gagged. “I’m sure you are already aware Jack will do anything to protect his baby sister.” A figure walks towards Mel, grabs her hair and yanks her head back, holding a razor blade close to her neck. I can’t hear Jack but I can see him crumbling, answering all of the figure’s questions.

Tears threaten to escape from my eyes but I refuse to let them fall. I will not let him see me cry. Instead, I allow myself a minute to let myself turn my sadness, fear, and desperation into pure, hot rage.

“You’re a coward! You can’t even do any of this by yourself! Oh what a big shot you are!” I shout.

“Why get my hands dirty when others can do it for me? Isn’t that the perk of being a boss?”

“More like you are too chicken, knowing full well we could take you on and win!”

“You talk as if you are actually brave. Oh Ken, stop fooling yourself, I expect so much more from you. Besides, we both know you are terrified, or at least will be in a moment.”

Ashton begins to mumble. I help him lift his shoulders up us as he swings his head side to side to get his bearings. As he comes to, the light flickers on again. I squint my eyes, and see the metal door opening, and I instantly recognize the figure walking in.

It’s a clown. I freeze. In one of his hands he raises a knife and begins to walk towards us in an excruciatingly slow pace.

The only way out is the way the clown came in…

Ashton sees the clown for the first time at the door and stands. I stay seated, too shocked to move. He grips my hand, yanking me upwards, my legs barely sustaining my weight.

“Ken, we have to run! You need to trust me on this.” And I do. Keeping a firm grip on my hand, he sprints towards the clown. He places his body closer to it, shielding me. The clown doesn’t strike but insteads let us pass. We run through the doors Mel and Jack ran through first and run down the hallway. Again, at the end of the hallway are two doors. Without thinking, Ashton plows through the door on the right. It locks behind us.

As soon as we walk in and survey our surroundings,  Ashton immediately panics.

It’s a maze of fun house mirrors.

I know of when he was younger and what happened, so I know it’s my time to lead.

“Ash, it will be okay. Just follow me, yeah?” I intertwine our fingers and force him to look me in the eyes. He hesitates before allowing me to pull him towards the maze’s beginning.

As much as I wanted to hate Jack for spilling the beans, I couldn’t. The clown didn’t matter. The maze didn’t matter. All that matter was getting through this stage, and getting out of here.

We just enter the maze when the clown launches himself into the room.

“Ash, faster!” I order as I continue to drag him along the hallways of mirrors. “Just close your eyes Ash, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

He does as I say. I lead him as fast as I can around turns and bends, backtracking when we hit dead ends and around broken and blocked paths. I don’t know where the clown is, if it’s even in the maze or waiting for us at the other side, or if there is even a way out. All I know is I have to find the exit quick, before either of us pass out from shock.

I lead him down a curved path when the sound of metal scraping glass shrieks in my ears. I spin around and come face to face with the clown himself at beginning of the path we are in. If this path is a dead end, we are trapped. I take Ashton’s arm and sprint down the hallway, hoping for some miracle it wouldn’t be a dead end.

Then again I have never have been very lucky so of course the path is indeed, a dead end. I grab Ashton’s face. “Ash, open your eyes,” he does, “Ash it’s a dead end and the clown is cornering us. What do we do!?” He looks around quickly before he settles on a mirror.

“We can hide behind them!” He is fast to pull the mirror out, giving enough room for him to squeeze behind. I find my own mirror a few away from his. I begin to pull but stop as soon as I feel warm breath against my neck.

“It would be a lot easier if you just die.” An arm wraps around me and spins me around before pushing me to the ground. The clown hovers over me and I stay paralyzed. His painted face and curly green curly hair come close, the knife in his hand following suit. I shut my eyes.

It’s over.

I begin to embrace myself to die.

Instead a cry that nearly bursts my eardrums comes from behind me. I open my eyes to see Ashton on top of the clown, stabbing him repeatedly. I get up and yank Ashton off of the dead clown, removing the knife from his grip. His face is splattered with blood, along with his clothes. His hands are covered. We make eye contact but I cannot read the expression in his eyes. He looks down at his own trembling hands. The rest of his body begins to shake like an earthquake now. I don’t know what to do so I grab at his hands which he pulls away from me.

I can now finally read his eyes; he’s afraid of himself.

“Stage two is complete. Initiating stage three.”

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