The Labyrinth Comes to Kill

It's Halloween time and five friends decide to give a new haunted house a try.
Little did they know what they were getting into.

Will they all survive?

**Update June 2 2017***
I have decided to continue on with this story and I will add a few chapters.


1. Nice Try Ken

I look over at Mel who is giving me her signature puppy dog eyes for the fiftieth time today. And for the fiftieth time today, I'm not falling for it.

"Come on Ken! It will be fun!" Her melodic voice begs. I shake my head as I exchange supplies from my locker to my book bag.

"Je déteste la maison hantée," I respond with a smirk. Mel rolls her eyes.

"You know I hate it when you speak French," she complains.

"And you know I hate haunted houses, so why do you continue to harass me about it?"

"You have to get over your fear of them sometime in your life. Besides, Jack and his friends are coming!" She explains.

"Oh so I should go to look like a coward in front of your brother AND his friends! Brilliant."

Now it’s my turn to roll my eyes as I shut my locker door and spin on my heel to face her.

"Actually," she starts, grinning, "We'll stick you in the middle of the line so you'll be the last to die." My hazel eyes bore into her grey eyes, trying to communicate with her the annoyance I am feeling.

"You know, you really aren't helping your cause right now. Besides I have a ton of homework to do-"

"It's Friday, Ken. Nice try. We'll pick you up at 5," Mel interrupts. I sigh in defeat as she leaves just like that.

I really hate haunted houses.

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