The Labyrinth Comes to Kill

It's Halloween time and five friends decide to give a new haunted house a try.
Little did they know what they were getting into.

Will they all survive?

**Update June 2 2017***
I have decided to continue on with this story and I will add a few chapters.


2. Let the fun begin!

*               *               *                *            *            *            *             *            *            *             *  

"This place looks proper creepy. Nice job man!"  Carter, the red headed quarterback of our school, says to Jack as we pull into the driveway. The building, for sure, has seen much better days. Vines and ivy encase the outside of the building with small slivers of weathered brick peeking out from underneath. Most of its many windows are discoloured and broken with some sort of object behind them, blocking us from seeing in. It stands four stories tall and has many different wings branching off of it. The main doors are shut and look as if they haven’t been opened in years.

"Thanks, I uh actually got an e-mail from them. Guess you could say this place found us!" Jack replies. We all pile out of the car and walk towards the front of the building. The drive here was only suppose to take about forty-five minutes, but thanks to Jack’s amazing navigation skills, hint the sarcasm dripping from my every word, we arrived in an hour and fifteen minutes.

We all stop far enough away and form a sort of horizontal line to drink in the view better. Ashton, another of our friends, stands to my left with Mel to my right.

"The wiki says it’s an abandoned hospital that was renovated into a funhouse in the early twentieth century, " Ashton reports looking up from his phone after a minute of all five of us gawking at the very large, old building in front of us. I glance up at Ashton, and by glance up I literally mean I have to look up to him- seeing as he is six foot two and I’m a proud five foot three- and give him a nod. Mel is the first to chime in.

“Whose grand idea was that? Sounds pretty awful to me to renovate people’s graves into a funhouse.” Ashton shrugs as a response..

“Exactly. All the more reason not to go in,” I blurt.

“Still scared of these, I see?” Ashton teases. I nod. “You know nothing in there is real! They are-”

“Yes yes I get that, now can we just move on with life. Thank-you,” I interject. I give a little friendly body nudge which he returns. Unlike Carter, I actually am friends with Ashton. We are both perfect students and have many classes together; so naturally we spend a lot of time together studying or doing homework. Lame, I know.

“If you two are done, I would like to go in now,” Carter shouts over his shoulder as he walks towards the godforsaken place. We all trail behind in a single file line, I of course am in the back ready to dash back to the car. I survey the area for other cars or for a line of people, only to find we’re alone.

“Are we like early or something, Jack?” Mel asks as we arrive at the locked front doors.

“The email said 6. Maybe we’re at the wrong entrance?”

An as if on cue, the creaky wooden doors pry apart revealing a middle-aged man dressed in orange overalls, like a prisoner. His appearance is haggard and weathered. The body odor radiating from him tells me he has not bathed in a very long time, or has brush his yellowed, jagged teeth recently. He looks us over and I swear I can feel a chill in the air as his dull eyes land on me.

“You must be here for the haunted house! I’m assuming you are our lucky e-mail group,” the man says with expressionless eyes, staring me down.

“Uh yeah. Is there...uh...a line or something...” Jack trails off.

“This time slot is reserved just for you! Perks of answering the e-mail! Come on in now!” His voice is so full of forced energy and cheeriness it terrifies me. Then again everything about this place terrifies me, I think to myself. He leads us into the dark and dusty place. Dim overhead lights shine over us as we stand in what probably used to serve as a lobby. Walking past the old countertops he guides us through a long hallway and into another room where we are to to put our coats and points at a bin.

“Cell phones please.”

“Why-” I start.

“Don’t want anything getting in your way. You know this place use to be a fun house? Wouldn’t want your phone to fall out of your pocket as you go down the slide!”

We all, stupidly, obey.

“Where do we go to start?” Ashton asks.

“Up the stairs. Have fun!”

We all walk in a line through up the creaky wooden stairs. Carter takes the lead with Jack behind him then me, then Ashton with Mel in the back. The first few minutes we take various bends here and there following crudely drawn arrows, until we stop in front of  double wooden doors. Jack pushes past Carter and opens the doors wide, revealing a pitch black room.

“Let the fun begin!” Jack cheers.

All of us walk in, completely blind. I reach out and touch the wall for guidance before the doors slam shut behind us.

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