5 years in the black oceans

Rosemary is trying to find herself. Though it's really hard living with her strict dad and her depressed mom she tries to find herself with help of her best friend Arthur. Will he help her more than enough of is he just looking for some adventures?


1. Arthur

Okay so this is what happened. I woke up, in my bed as usual, completely normal. Then suddenly I hear these weird noises coming from upstairs. So I thought it was mom just being depressed walking around with her white sleeping dress, complaining on her own. So I was ready to go upstairs and talk to her this really has to end, but one was there. Mom was sleeping, weirdly enough. So I go to see what the heck those noises were. I thought maybe it was dad little bird or something but he’s always so tired and sleeps his life away. The cannons weren’t moving around either. The wind was strong and the boat was moving around, I was about to fall one time but saved myself with my hands on a barrel.  My hair continued to get in to my face so I had to put it up in a ponytail. Walking around hearing the waves splashing to the boats sides was really peaceful not to lie, just to get all the things out of my head.  But at the same time I was on a mission so I had to continue. I looked all over the place and the last place I hadn’t checked was the steering wheel, and dad really don’t want me to go there, I don’t understand, I’m 15 and independent. I’m going who’s going to stop me. No one cause dad is sleeping, just pull yourself together you can do this. I was just about to go the first step and my sister comes, screaming. ''No, if Rosemary can go there i want too!'' i try to shh her by pressing my finger against my lips but she wont stop. She’s the most annoying human being ever, I hate her.  Dad wakes up and he comes running. ‘’ what the hell are you doing young lady?!’’ ‘’ I’ve told you to not go in there, you are now grounded. Go back to sleep’’


So now I’m never forgetting my sister or and dad.  And I’m just in my bed writing this on piece of paper. I have to go do something. I have literally nothing in my room so I’m just going to call Arthur with that phone that’s on my desk it’s made of wood. He is my godmother’s child, he is so adventurous, he’ll know what I should do. ‘’hello little monkey, what do you want’’ he says. He always calls me that, and I don’t know why. ‘’ why hello to you as well.’’ I say. ‘’I need help, my dad has grounded me and I have no clue what to do, can you please do something.’’ I say. ‘’if you just wait there, you have a small round glass in your room right?’’ he says. ‘’yeah, but why?’’ I asked. ‘’just wait, stop freaking asking stuff all the time’’ ‘’no w-‘’ he cut me off. I hate him, why can’t he just, ugh. I throw myself on my bed and lay there with my head down in my pillow. It’s so dark in here, dad’s lamp is like the worst, it’s so yellow and the light bulb is cracking. Suddenly I hear some weird noises from outside the window. I go to the window, guess who? Arthur, with his small boat coming to get me, my window aren’t that big how am supposed? ‘’just jump’’ he screams. ‘’I’m not that afraid heights, but I am afraid of freaking breaking my legs.’’ ‘’oh, come on just jump stupid’’ I jumped and it dang hurt. It made a horrible sound in my legs. ‘’ why should I ever call you again?’’ ‘’haha, you shouldn’t’’ he said, and we rowed off. 


  So this is the beginning of this story not sure if it's the greatest thing ive ever done but this is what we've got to work with. Anyways please share and like love Cornelia.

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