Story Ideas

I really don't know if I'll ever actually write these, but here are some story ideas and covers. If you'd like for me to write one, let me know. If you'd like to write one of these using my ideas, still let me know.


2. The Crew (+ Emily)



Rosetta (1st to the left of cover)

Lani (2nd on the left of cover)

Roxanne (In middle of cover)

Kiera (2nd on the right of cover)

Emily (1st on the right of cover)


Emily, a rebellious fifteen year old, is forced to move when her pregnant mother is found to have cancer and needs special treatment. Soon, school starts, and Emily (as the new girl usually does) decides to change herself completely. She makes herself out to be a spoiled brat, and wins the affections of the popular girls who are know as "The Crew". But soon, Emily finds out the dark secrets of The Crew. What does she do?

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