Story Ideas

I really don't know if I'll ever actually write these, but here are some story ideas and covers. If you'd like for me to write one, let me know. If you'd like to write one of these using my ideas, still let me know.


7. Rich


Yet another...yep...Fanfic




Jocelyn Macintosh, the rudest and most selfish girl on earth, is the only one happy for the death of her grandmother. She knew that she would inherit her grandmother's millions of dollars. She decides to spend it all on becoming a star-- and she succeeded. Now she's the most famous model on the runway. But she's decided that being a model isn't enough. She needs to be a double threat. What she wants to do? Get into a very popular band. The problem? It's a boy band. Another problem? Her money meter is getting shorter and shorter.

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