From A to B

Emma finds herself caught up in life. Things just keep on moving from one thing to another. They're moving so fast she can't figure out how she got from A to B.


1. The beginning

Simon is leading me outside. He takes my hand and we walk outside. We turn a corner. "what was it you wanted to show me?" I ask, a little nervous and excited. He moves closer and closer. OMG! I stare into his big warm caramel eyes. He leans in, as if to tell me a secret, but instead he begins to kiss my ear. I have to admit this feels weird but nice at the same time. His lips then work their way down my neck. Now this is just pure pleasure. All i wanna do now is kiss his lips. I place both my hands on his face and lift him up to look me in the eye. In a matter of seconds I'm making out with the mysterious hot guy at my taekwondo class. There's tongues everywhere. The kiss is so passionate it's unreal. I can't believe this is only a first kiss. This has totally exceeded all my expectations. 


Ok now let me rewind. You probably want to know who Simon and I are. I'll show you how we got from A to B



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