"Are you kidding?" He laughs harshly, his eyes switching from green to blue as he tried to control his wolf. "Your first name literally means Belonging of the night in Hebrew. Your last name means immortal in Old Greek." He sneers.

"What does that have to do with anything?" I snap at him.

He takes a large step towards me, and I took a few back.

"It has everything to do with this." His eyes were dim, ice cold. Void of any emotion.

"You aren't a wolf, or a human. You're a bloodsucking murderer. The Moon Goddess has cursed me for eternity with a.. A Vampire.." He winced a look of horror crossing his face, before he shook his head and narrowed his eyes at me. "And the only reason you're still here is because of my parents. If it wasn't for them so excited for a new Luna.. I would've rejected you the moment I watched those false innocent blue eyes turn blood red. Don't forget that."


1. I - U S U A L







I blinked, looking away from the rain dripping window, and back to Cassandra who was staring at me with an eyebrow raised, her palm pressed onto the top of my desk.

I tilted my head in confusion, my heart racing slightly when her voice drifted to my ears, waking me up from my trance. "Huh?"

She rolled her eyes. "I said, the bell rang. Don't you have a night shift?"

I looked around in confusion. Sure enough, I was in Mr. Davis' sixth hour Pre Calc class, and everyone was gone. Pre Calc. One of the pluses of being smart and taking Algebra one in eighth grade. You get to be in Pre Calc during your Junior Year. Fun.

"Oh. Thanks Cass." I close my notebook, stacking it on my books before shoving them in my bag as I stood up.

"You've been spacing out a lot lately." Cass commented as I turned my locker combination. "Are you okay?"


I pulled it opened and turned to her.

"I'm fine." I replied honestly.

Grabbing my lunch bag, I put it in my bag before shoving on my hoodless jacket, mumbling in annoyance of how I should've checked the weather today before picking out what to wear.

We walked out of the school, yet stopped at the sight of the light drizzle.

"Do you need me to drop you off, Lil?" She turns to me.

"Of course not. Your shift at the diner starts in ten minutes. I can walk." I protested.

"But-" she began until I cut her off.

"It's a seven minute walk to the library, Cass. The dinner is on the other side of town. Don't worry. I'll be fine." I pushed her towards her car.

"Fine. But don't come running to me when you get mulled by wolves." She joked, smiling at me before getting into the drivers seat and pulling out of the parking lot and down the street until her car disappeared.

I sighed, turning and walking down the other side.




It's hard to get someone to believe in something.

You see, we all, are given things such as beliefs and morals through ancestry. When you grow up with something for so many years, it's nearly impossible to grow away from it. All the branches on a tree always end up returning to the seed. You can't change the fact that you were born with blonde hair, or freckles, or tall, or fat.

Or maybe, like a vampire.

But you see, when people start to see things they believed to only exist in stories, and fairy tails, mere myths passed down, they start to question everything. Their beliefs. Their morals. Everything.

And when people begin to question, they begin to get frightened. And when they're frightened, they act rash.

And nothing, could be more dangerous.

So that's why.

That's why creatures like me, stay hidden in the shadows. To protect people.

Protect people like Cassandra.

And maybe you wouldn't understand completely.

As you see, this is a story that has been going on for centuries.

I stop when I realized I had reached the doors of the library, and let myself in.

"Danny?" I called out, walking into the backroom and hanging my coat on the coat rack before grabbing my ID and putting it around my neck, before walking back out and leaning against the counter.


"In here Lilith!" The twenty four year old walked out, trying her best to balance three boxes filled with books.

"New books?" I asked excitedly.

"Yup. And about time too." She huffed. "I'm just going to take these to the backroom and get the tags on. You think you can handle yourself fine out here on your own?"

I looked around.

It was a Friday. The drizzle had turned into heavy rain, and the library was as empty as a graveyard.

"Slow day. I'll be fine." I wave her off.

"Great." She walked away, shutting the door behind her softly.

I yawned turning around and started to stack the science fiction section, when ten minutes later the lights went out.

"Are you kidding me!" Danny wines from inside.

"Dan!? Do you want me to check it out?" I ask her loudly.

"No! I know what's wrong with it. I'll get in Lilith!"

And then it was quiet again, until I heard the front door open.

"Hello?" A deep voice, like a dark chocolate whispered through the air, causing shivers to crawl up my back.

"Um.. Just a minute! The lights have gone out!" I tell the voice shakily.

I stood up taking a step only to let out a yelp of surprise as I slipped on one of the books my body sprawling onto the ground.

Just then, the lights shut on with a large click.

I rubbed the top of my head as I sat up.

"I got it!" Danny chirps happily from inside the room.

I stood up, frowning as I dusted my skirt and flattened down my hair in irritation.

"You okay?" That same voice asks me softly from behind, much closer than before.

My eyes widened slightly as I whipped around quickly blinking slightly.

He stood there. Calm as ever. His hands in his joggers, his hair messy in a quiff.

We both froze, I stared at his green eyes.

They turned purple. I looked past him and into the mirror, to see my eyes the same purple color as his, before turning back to look at him.

His pink lips parted, his eyes widening a fraction, a look of awe crossing his face. I couldn't look away, set in another trance.

That night, I bruised my nose. That night I got drenched in rain. That night I forgot what my Calculus homework was.

But most importantly, that night, I had met him.


And I had a feeling, that everything was about to change.




And that feeling wasn't a good one.

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