Fallen Stars

The devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes in everything you've ever wished for// As an experiment, the angels send one of their own to study and report human life in today's modern society. Only a few are willing but only one can be sent down; his name is Markus. Looking for a chance to prove himself, Markus goes to Earth and lives in his life as a human for a few weeks, reporting back to Heaven every three days.
However, on the eve of his return home, Markus gets an unexpected visit by Heaven's worst enemies and is marked by a powerful demon, preventing him from returning to his home. Devastated and longing to return to his home in the clouds, Markus is held hostage by said demon and without a plan to escape his bonds, Markus must now live out eternity trapped on Earth with no way of getting home.
So what's an angel to do?


5. Well shit...

So... I'm afraid I may have fucked up.
Usually, I don't fully write my stories online, I work on them offline in Microsoft Word on my USB or something so I can take it anywhere I go and keep working on it.
But I've lost my USB will all of my stories on it... that includes Fallen Stars. I know, it's incredibly unfortunate for something like this to happen, I'm losing my mind trying to find my USB, it's just somehow grown legs and walked off somewhere which is really bugging me.
So apologies to those of you who were expecting this to be an update. I know you were keen for the next chapter, but I'm afraid that I can't publish the next chapter until I find my USB. I know it hasn't gone far, I just have to keep looking.
Stay valiant and patient and I will try and get back to you guys as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely, Fxndom_Queen

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