On Tour with Luke Hemmings

I've know Luke forever. He's my best friends brother. And now Im going on tour with him and the boys for a year. There's nothing that could go wrong. Right?



2. Chapter 2



"So how are you with Ian...." He whispered in the limo. I was sitting next to him and Tess was on her phone on the side of the limo.


"He's fine..." I lie fiddling with my thumbs. I look out the window as I see the airport in the distance.


"Riles...." He says as my face turns red. I hate it when he calls me this. So I return the favor.


"Lucas...." I look up at him and chuckle.


"Don't call me that..." He snorts and pokes my thigh.


"Lucas!" I say alittle bit louder. He looks at me and then laughs.


"Lucas Hemmings..." I poke at his sides and laugh at him. We used to be really close before he left with his band. Then me and Tess become best friends.


He looks at me and stares me down. I stick out my tongue and squint my eyes at him.


He laughs and pushes my shoulder. I look outside and see that we are at the airport. I get out and see Calum and the rest of the boys sitting by thier bags surrounded by fans. There are body guards around them.


I run over to Calum and tackle him. I give him a big hug "Hey cal..." I giggle and hop down from him.


"Hey Riley..." He kisses my cheek. I say hi to the other boys and give them a hug. Tess has her earbuds in and listening to music. She walks on the plane without saying a word.


I look at Luke as he take a picture with a fan. I smile at him and go over to him.


"Luke we need to go,..," I tap his shoulder as he turn around.


"Okay.,." He says and heads to the plane. I follow him as he grabs our bags and puts them in plane. I get on the plane and sit down next to Tess.


I nudge her shoulder. She looks at me and goes back to her music. Michael walks in and he smile to me. He sits next to me.


They rest of the boys walk in and they get situated.


"Please sit down we are about to leave..." The pilot says as we all sit down.


Luke looks at me still not satisfied with my answer about Ian. I look back at him and raise an eyebrow. He mocks me and does the same. I laugh to myself and roll my eyes. He's such a duffass.


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