They live among us. They control the entire city. What little resistance there were had been wiped out in less than a fortnight. We have lost all hope.
Or so they thought. The Government will not control us, we will become stronger and strike them down for good. We will bring peace to the world and rid this place of poverty and corruption.
Join us, help us rise against the evil in this city and fight against the darkness of humanity, so we will no longer have to fear it. We may be small in numbers but we will grow, become a powerful force that will crush our enemies and leave them pleading for their lives.
NB: This dystopian short story seems like a preview of a much larger story, though it was not intended to be, so I will not continue it. Sorry for any mistakes.


1. Conspiracy

She was gone. Gone, just like that. I was there, when she took her last breath, let go and fell into darkness. Cradling her small, fragile body in my arms I sat there, as warm liquid trickled down my grimy cheeks and onto dry, chapped lips. Her eyes were shut, her face so peaceful. She was too young but like many others, never had the chance to survive past the age of two.

Alder was the head of the family. Both our parents were gone. Stolen away from us. We could never find them but we suspected the Government had them locked up for interrogation. We’d expected this to happen eventually but it was still…unexpected. From that day on, I never saw my older brother smile or laugh in his lively way.

I suppose that in way, part of him was gone as well when we lost our parents. We never really had a chance to say goodbye after all. My brother is three years older than I am; he is turning eighteen next month.

Sometimes I’d find him sitting there in the dark corner, hands grasping his head in frustration, arms propped up on his knees. Sometimes he was just thinking about them or staring off into the distance. He misses them, we both do, but there was nothing we could do. Civilians were powerless against the corrupted Government, especially since some of them even lived among us.

       For several months, our parents had been conspiring to overthrow the Government, recruiting more and more people every day. However, when they disappeared so did the others, leading to the fall of The Resistance and another unsuccessful coup d’état.

       I knew my brother would take on the role as leader of the new rebellion and even though I truly despised the Government, I still didn’t want him to be. I supported him of course, but I just couldn’t bear to lose him as well. I didn’t want to be left alone but that wasn’t exactly true because we lived with our cousins Orrin, Axel and Juniper (or June). Orrin and Axel were only one year apart in their ages, Orrin being the eldest at sixteen, and June was two years younger than me. Lily, Jared and Bailey were our family friends. Bailey was the eldest of the siblings and around the same age as Al. He was two years older than identical twins Jared and Lily. All our parents and grandparents and ancestors had been in The Resistance, so naturally these guys would also join the rebellion.

       The city of Ester was about to fall. A new generation of The Resistance was rising and this time, we won’t fail. We will surpass our predecessors and rid the city from its terrible evil forces within. The Government shall fall once and for all. A new era will be given rise to – one where there is no poverty or corruption, one where the darkness of humanity will no longer be frightening. It will be a place where the people have rights and a freedom of choice.

       That is what I believe. Alder is also a very optimistic person but I only hope that the disappearance of our parents hasn’t changed his point of view on the new resistance. We shared the same belief, as did the others but we’ll still need more people and recruiting then won’t be easy.

            My name, is Willow Firman. My brother Alder leads The Resistance. Countless times The Resistance were unsuccessful in banding together to destroy their greatest enemy but this time, we won’t fail. This time we will succeed in bringing down the Government once and for all.

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