My Long, Little Life


2. May 7 2016

Since it's the day before mother's day, I decided to clean our small trailer. Having 3 girls and a toy poodle can be quite a handful on our single mother. I had vacuumed the carpet floor, and decided to trim our poodles curly, gold hair. So I grabbed an old towel, placed it on the carpet, and trimmed. The towel was COVERED in golden locks of fur. I got thirsty and when I went to get a bottle of water, I came back to see the carpet dirty with the fur I had just snipped of our dog. Yet, I immediately spotted the culprit of this mischievous act. My 6 year old sister. Of course. Her puppy eyes look like a fish with bulging eyes. That's what she calls innocent. Ya. If only you can see it in person. It's not cute XD. So i'm stuck vacuuming the floor again.

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