Narwhal Land

One day Naomi is playing with her friends hair when she accientally knocks over a mirror. She is suddenly sucked through the mirror into . . . NARWHAL LAND.


2. Exploration

She looked at herself and didn't see any cuts or bruises and when she pinched herself it hurt so she knew she was in a different place or land or what ever this place was. She knew that she couldn't just stand there she needed to... explorer. Naomi set off in what she thought was north. She soon came across a forest. She looked around frantically and finally realized that these were not trees they were giant lollipops. She kept exploring until she started to get a stomach ache. She saw off in the distance a narwhal and a unicorn fighting on what looked like a giant chicken leg from KFC.

 "If only I could get them off that thing," she said to herself.

 Naomi set off toward the chicken leg and when she arrived near it she realized what was really on it. On that chicken leg was a giant... scary... 8 legged... OCTOPUS! Obviously Naomi was really exited. She loved octopuses and always wanted one. She ran up to it and it just sat there like a freak.

 "Um... excuse me Mr.Octopus what are you doing on that chicken leg?"

 "Oh pardon me what is your name?" he asked Naomi."

 "My name is Naomi what is yours?"

 "Nice to meet you my name is Dafigulartoque,"

 "What was that again."

 "I said my name is Da-fig-u-lar-toe-ke."

 "Oh sorry."

 "It's alright"

 "So Dafigulartoque could you please get off that chicken wing I am really hungry."

 "You are hungry you say well follow me I am going to take you to King Narwhale." (It's different than Narwhal)

 Naomi followed the octopus to a giant castle. The castle was pastel pink on one side and baby blue on the other. They entered the castle and Naomi saw something something scary


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