Just the story of a girl who never has anything ever go right.


2. Background

So I'm Adeline Jones and I know this story contest is tomorrow and I thought about starting a story for the next year because as a kid I always loved to come and listen but I never before thought about writing one.  You see I always loved to hear stories from my parents, Dylan and Suzanne Jones, and they used to tell me a new story every night before I went to bed.  Now this was a tradition until I was 8 and my dad, Dylan, died in a car accident when a semi hit a motorcycle and flung it into him.  My mom was sad, butt she still took care of me and told me to not worry about some step father, for he was he only love for now and for ever.  Now I still would ask every year if we could come up and listen because the main thing I remember that we would always do is tell stories.  Now my dad was always funny and my mom was always either weird or serious but the stories we made I will always remember each one on their one. Now today is the big today for another contest at the fair, and I am turning 15 in 3 weeks so I've been very excited lately.  I love the outfit I picked out for tomorrow.  I better get to bed, but I will definitely write down everything about tomorrow to help me write this for next year, it starts at 8:00 a.m. so I better get to sleep.

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