You dont understand

Ever since mera was young was always very different than all the other kids but not by looks,the way she talked or her skin no she was different by what she could do and was always picked on bout it.When she finally gets to meet the band sparks fly when she meet Harry styles but will he think the same as al the others did will he think she's a freak or will that be her best quality he loves about her.


4. Tonight

Get diary it's me again 

so you'll never believe this Liam Payne actually asked me out! We are going on adware tonight and I am so nervouse I have no idea what to wear god help me!


Mera's pov

so I took a shower with my apple shampoo,brushed my teeth and put my hair up in a point tail. Now what to wear I decided on something practical because I had no idea what he had planed. So I had decided on some jeggings a tank top and a little jacket. I than waited for Liam to come so I decided to watch tv while I waited.

Liam's pov

i was so nervous I don't know why I was  so nervous but I was just finishing up puting some Capone on and then decided to call didn't take long before she picked up .i asked if she was a she was so I hurried over to pick her up 



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