You dont understand

Ever since mera was young was always very different than all the other kids but not by looks,the way she talked or her skin no she was different by what she could do and was always picked on bout it.When she finally gets to meet the band sparks fly when she meet Harry styles but will he think the same as al the others did will he think she's a freak or will that be her best quality he loves about her.


8. i guess this is good bye

Why...just why i trusted him i thought he would understand i lov...i loved him.

and i thought he loved me to BUT I GUESS I WAS WRONG!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!! i had finally got home i looked like a mess my mascara was running down my face my eyes were puffy and red from the crying how could i be so naive to believe that i could trust someone again GGGAAAAHHHH!!!!!! and i still wasn't done crying i sreamed as i burst through the door WHY. i slammed the door behind me just as hard as i possibly could.i then walked strait up to my bed room night stand and dragged my hands across the night stand crashing every picture of me and harry to the floor shattering them to pieces. still filled with anger i bangded my fists against the near by wall causing pain to shoot up my arms only causing me to cry even harder. i then slid down the wall landing on me ass and rapping my arms around my legs dropping my head between my chest and knees sobbing into them. i must have then past out cause i woke up on the floor my face stained with tears and mascara eyes puffy and red with a pounding head ache my fists soar and bruised and a few small cuts from falling asleep on the broken glass.


Harry's pov

why... just why no one can do that kind of stuff its just not possible. and she proved it so she can't be lying? i just... i still love her why did i say that to her i told her to get out of here to just leave. I'm such a stupid jerk. i..i gotta tell her i made a mistake and i dint mean it. that is if she will take me back she probably doesn't even want to talk to me. DANM IT!!! i knocked over the dishes on the table causing them to crash to the floor shattering i even kicked the chair. i then started to feel tears coming and emediatly wiped them away but it was no use more just started to pour out at the thought of not being with mera. and the pain i caused her. at those thoughts i started smashing and chucking everything i could in the house. i then started up stairs to the bed room cause i was exhausted and just wanted to let alone for a bit but glance at a picture of me and mera on my night stand and slowly walked over to it i stared at it for a moment before picking it up i sat on the edge of the bed sliding down to the floor starring at her beautiful face when my eyes where growing heavy i must have fell asleep.

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