You dont understand

Ever since mera was young was always very different than all the other kids but not by looks,the way she talked or her skin no she was different by what she could do and was always picked on bout it.When she finally gets to meet the band sparks fly when she meet Harry styles but will he think the same as al the others did will he think she's a freak or will that be her best quality he loves about her.


1. who I am and what I can do

Hello my name is Mera I'm 17 years old and your probably wondering what it is i can do. well ever since i was little i could do things that nobody else could, things like magic no not the cheesy levitating thing and making thing disappear, i mean things like create fire out of nothing but my hands, freezing water moving air and have the power to sprouts plants without seeds!!. so yeah thats me the people called a freak. but i was never actually caught otherwise i probably wound't be here talking now as a matter of fact my parents don't even know what i can do. i keep every thing written down in book even tho i know its not the best idea because if someone ever found it they would probably think i was crazy.but thats also what in here to talk about the book i have written every past memorie in it and know I'm gonna tell you and it all starts with a boy named harry styles...

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