Stolen hearts

Sam has two best friends -Faith and Scott- only that Scott becomes more than a friend. Until Max comes along.


2. Chapter 2- After the party.

      "What are you doing here?" Max almost had to shout over the thump of the music.
"Having fun with friends. What
are you doing here? I've seen you once and you are talking to me like you've known me for years." I said, gesturing to myself. He took a step toward me and I answered with a step backward; away from him.
"I just want to get to know you, Sam." His voice low, and his eyes seemed to be watching every move I made. My heart pounded.
"How do you know my name?" My voice sounded worried with fear. I didn't even know Max and something about him seemed odd and weird... Maybe. But he was handsome. But my instincts told me to stay away from him. "I never told you my name."
"I have English with you, remember?" I froze, I forgot I had class with him, how could I forget? The other day when he was staring at me, thinking back at it now made my stomach feel weird. Not that he was cute, even though he was, but because he still felt odd. Why was he looking at me? Not just looking but actually staring at me.
Scott appeared at my side... "What going on here?" He asked, eyeing Max, who was still locking his eyes with mine, daring not to look away. I think Scott notices because he shift his weight uncomfortably and put his arm around my waist.
"Oh- you guys are together?" Max asked, for a second I thought I saw his eyes flash with anger.
"Yeah." I said quickly with a smile. I quickly turned away with Scott still at my side and we walked away from Max.

   It was pretty late when we got home after the party, so Scott and Faith spent the night again. Faith was drunk and Scott was tipsy, me-- not so much. Which meant one thing... I was the one driving us back. Scott wasn't as drunk as Faith so he helped me get her out of the car and brought her inside. Upstairs we had one spare bedroom, so we laid her on the bed and left. Scott and I went into my room, and I laid down. He collapsed beside me.
    The next morning I woke up next to Scott, his arm around me and I could feel his hair on the back of my neck. It was warm, his skin so soft--- and manly.
I turned toward him, and his eyes flickered open.
"Good morning, there you." His voice sounded deep and crackly, how it sounds when someone is tired or just waking up-- which is what he was doing. And I found it kind of 'sexy'.
"Good morning." I returned and rested my head on his chest.
I heard him groan, happily. I propped my head up on my hand.. "What?" I asked, holding my other hand up as if asking for more information.
"I've just waited for this for a long time, ya know?"
Had Scott really liked me from when we were little until now?
"Yeah, I guess." I turned away. But Scott grabbed my arm and made me turn toward him gently.
"Are you okay?" He sounded concerned.
"Yeah, it's just weird, I mean i'm not used to this."
"Is that a bad thing?"
      I got up, while Scott was still laying down. I turned to my closet and picked out my clothes for the day; grey pull over with skinny jeans. I went inside the closet so Scott couldn't see me change. When I came back out Scott was sitting on the edge of the bed, grinning. "You know you didn't have to go into your closet to change."
"What's that supposed to mean?" I felt my face turn pink.
"It means you could have went into the bathroom to change to, instead of that tiny closet."-- Not what I was thinking of what he meant. He got to his feet and walked toward me. His black eyes fixed on mine. My grey eyes. His sandy hair; messy. His tanned skin; beautiful. My best friend and now my boyfriend.
      We went downstairs and I could hear the footsteps of Faith walking; my mom wasn't home, she usually worked all day. 8:00 am until 7:00 pm. Finally I could hear Faith walking down the stairs, I could see her feet. Than legs. Arms. Than her head, which her hair was a mess, dark circles under her eyes. She basically looked like a zombie.
"What the hell happened last night?" Faith said as she stepped off of the last step. You could tell she had a headache because she was holding it and squinting.
Scott and I both just laughed. She came and sat down beside me. Scott was across the table. Scott's eyes were usually black, but at this very moment they seemed to have a bit of green in them. Not just a little green. Black on the rims and green on the inside by his pupil. Lime green. He looked away from me. As if he noticed what I was looking at and he didn't want me to see.
       The weather was cloudy and rainy, which I loved because I loved when it rained. My phone rang:
"Hi, honey. Works busy. They said I have to travel a bit this week. So I won't be home until next weekend."
My mom answered.
"Oh, um okay. Love you."
"Love you too, take care, okay?"
"Okay, mom."
I hung up.

      I was standing in my living room. Alone. Scott and Faith had left about an hour ago. I sat down and watched some TV, when I heard a door creak open. My heart pounded so hard, I could practically see it through my shirt. Who would be here? Scott? No it wouldn't be, he wouldn't scare me like that. I got up from the couch and slowly walked toward the door. I saw a dark shadowy figure walk into the kitchen and I followed. I flicked on one of the lights, and gasped at what I saw;
I screamed, "What are you doing here!" I shouted at him.
He turned and grinned at me. Through the dim lighting, I could see him eating a slice of bread. "How do you know where I live?" I said gaping at him. 
"What does it look like? Want some?" He held out the slice of bread and ignored my questions.
"Max...H-how do you know where I live?"
"I know lots of things, Sam."
What things, what else could he know. I mean he already knew where I lived. My cell-phone rang again and I picked it up.
"Hey, gorgeous, what are you doing?"
Scott asked.
"Um--, I have to go." Before he had time to protest, I hung up. I knew I probably should have told him that Max had somehow gotten into my house, and the door was locked. I walked over to the door and it looked like somebody had squeezed it; bare handed. either way, it was unlocked now. I knew that Scott would know I was in trouble if I left without saying much =, and having a certain tone in my voice. He always knew. Scott knew I would talk to him unless I was busy or in trouble. Maybe he would come here, he didn't live far at all. A few blocks at the most.
Max came closer to me and I backed away. His grinned turned into a smile. "I'm not going to hurt you or anything, if that's what you think."
"That's what you would say to me if you planned on hurting me."
"Sam..." He said almost so soft I couldn't hear him.
He stepped closer but I was to in thought and hoping that Scott would come here to notice. When I heard the door burst open, I knew it was Scott.
"What are you doing here!" Scott yelled to Max it seemed like he almost ran at him. "And why were you so close to her, get the hell away from her. Right. Now." Max did what he was told and I turned towards Scott. I was so happy he came. 
Scott was bigger and stronger than Max was, but Scott didn't even look at me.
"Gee, Scott. I didn't know how protective you were about her." He laughed an went out the door. Scott locked it before Max even got his foot out.
"I'm glad I got here in time." Scott said, checking to see if I was hurt.
"I just don't get how he knew I lived here." I looked him in the eye. He looked hesitant. He turned around, than turned back, walking into the living room. "He probably won't be back."
I hadn't seen myself in a while. I wondered what my makeup looked like-that is if there was any left. Or what me hair looked like. Oh well.
  Scott got to his feet, kissed my lips. Not hungrily this time, I reached up laced my fingers around his next to pull him closer. But he pulled away; stood still.
"I have to go." He said and before I could protest; He left. Leaving a cold chill behind. 

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