Cruise that changed Everything

Hadley and Isla Mendes are twins but polar opposites. They go on a cruise together where the meet two cuties, Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson. Instantly the boys become fixated on Hadley, but who will she chose, and what about Isla? Will she get a boy as well? This is no ordinary cruise.


9. The question and Celebration

Austin’s POV

I was sitting on Hadley’s bed tightly clutching the box with the necklace. I was so scared to ask Hadley to be my girlfriend, but knew I had to or I might lose her. Suddenly I heard the door open and Hadley’s angelic voice. “Austin, how did you get in my room... and what’s in your hand?” I stood up a walked to her. She was wearing a black tank top that said ‘Muscles and Mascara’ in pink letters, black running shorts, royal blue running shoes, and her hair up in a high pony with a blue pre-wrap headband. I could only tell it was Hadley because Isla was with Cody and gave me the key to get in here.

“Isla gave me her key and I wanted to ask you something.” I took a deep breath before opening the box in front of Hadley’s eyes and heard she slightly gasp. I took another deep breath and then got on one knee. “Hadley Mendes will you please be my girlfriend?” I looked into her eyes with hope and saw a huge grin spread on her face. I started to feel a smile form on my own face.

“What took you so long lover boy?” Hadley smiled and got down on a knee in front of me. “Of course I’ll be your girlfriend. You had me at hello.” She took my face in her hands and kissed me. She was so gentle and so loving. I kissed back with lust and passion. I didn’t try to take the kiss anywhere. I kept it soft and gentle, just brushing my lips against hers and loving that fact that when we pulled apart she was officially mine. That idea made me want to pull away, but I also didn’t want this amazing to kiss to ever end. I finally was able to pull my lips away. I stood up and pulled Hadley up to stand. I carefully took the gold heart necklace out of the box and placed it around her neck. She smiled with love burning in her eyes and hugged me tight. I hugged back and heard clapping from the door. We both looked up to find Cody and Isla smiling at us and I flushed but Hadley played it cool.

“Well I think this calls for celebration. You girls better get dressed because we are taking you out to dinner as our official girlfriends.” Cody smiled happily and gave me a bro hug then surprisingly hugged Hadley, but she didn’t flinch. She just hugged him back. They pulled apart and gave each other a friendly smile. “Now get dressed, girlfriends of the best men on earth.” Cody said like he was ending a speech. Hadley and Isla laughed at him.

“Would you like to join me in bed again tonight?” I whispered in Hadley’s ear. She smiled and gave me a look that told me I should already know the answer. I winked as I walked out of the room and Hadley closed the door after me and Cody left. “You did it man, and didn’t faint.” Cody patted my back.

“Oh shut up man. I wasn’t going to faint, I’m not a weakling.” I punched him in the arm.

“You are when it comes to Hadley.” Cody smirked.

“Whatever dude.” I flicked him off then started to get dressed for dinner.


Isla’s POV

I was in the bathroom doing my hair when I heard Hadley behind me. I turned around and she was leaning on the doorframe. “So when did you and Cody start dating?”

“After I sent Austin away to get that necklace that you’re now wearing.” I replied and smiled. “I though it might help him to get you to say yes.”

“You do know I would have said yes anyway right?”

“Yeah, but Austin didn’t. He was quacking like a leaf.” Hadley chuckled and turned around walking to her closet. She pulled out a casual royal blue dress. She let her hair fall in waves down her back and put on blue heels. She looked more like the sister I liked to see her as. “Hey Hadley can I barrow that black dress that used to be moms. I know you love it and don’t usually want me wearing it but I was hoping that to-“

“Isla, stop it. You are my twin and my sister. You are also my best friend in the world. Of course you can wear that dress, it’s not mine, it’s not my mom’s dress. It is our mom’s dress. She is your mom too. Why would you ever think I would say no? Do you think I am that kind of person who would do that to my own sister?”

“It’s just that I don’t feel like we get along. I mean it’s like I’m the sun and you’re the moon. I like light and pink things. You like dark and black. I like cheerleading and staying clean. You like to play field hockey and don’t mind getting covered in dirt. I don’t know, we’re complete polar opposites and I thought you didn’t like me much because we are so-“

“ISLA! Don’t you ever think like that again, got it?” Hadley cut me off and made me jump with a stern voice that suddenly became soft. “I love you more than anything and I mean it. You know how I feel about Austin right?” she asked and I nodded. “Well if I had to choose between the two of you, I would choose you every time. I know Austin is not a normal boy, he is the first I have actually cared about, but I would never choose a guy over you. Isla you are my other half, without you I am missing a part of me. I could never hate you, and I could never stand the thought of not having you by my side. We have been together since day one and we will stay that way forever.”

Hadley gave me a smile and handed me the dress. It was the dress our mom wore the night that she and dad first met and fell in love, which is what makes the dress so important. I was strapless with a fit and flare style and a layer of lace over solid black. It was simple but beautiful. I snapped out of my dream when a pair of 3-inch black heals were dangled in front of my eyes. “Here, wear these with the dress.” I smiled and took the shoes from Hadley and sat on the bed sliding them on. I stood up feeling taller then the 3-inchs these heels add and suddenly felt nervous when I heard a knock on the door. I though Hadley was going to go answer it but she walked up to me and gave me a hug, a real hug, a sister hug and smiled at me. “Don’t be nervous, you look amazing, you look just like mom, and you’re beautiful”. I let a single tear slip out and Hadley brushed away with her thumb like mom, then turned and answered to the door. 



Both of the guys looked amazing as usual. Cody was dressed in a pale blue button down shirt, a black tie, nice black jeans and black shoes. His blond hair was in perfect curls and his blue eyes were bright. Austin was dressed in a white button down shirt with the same black tie, black dress pants and black shoes. Hadley’s cheeks started to turn pink under her light blush, her eyes locked on Austin. She was clearly flushed but recovered quickly putting a smile on her face and walked over to Austin as I walked to Cody.

We had the best dinner ever when I pulled Hadley outside. “I can’t believe you had sex with Austin. Is he good?” Hadley cocked her head at me with a weird look on her face.

“If he wasn’t do think I would gladly agree to do it again with him tonight?” She smirked like a devil at me, and my jaw dropped. “Of course he was amazing.”

“Go get him now.”


“More private time to…you know.”

“Okay I get it, but first.” Hadley reached into her purse and handed me a condom packet with a post-it that said ‘good luck with Cody’ I rolled me eyes as she winked and walked away having Cody appear moments later.

“Are you okay?” I smiled at him and dragged him all the way to my room knowing Hadley was going to join Austin in his.

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