Cruise that changed Everything

Hadley and Isla Mendes are twins but polar opposites. They go on a cruise together where the meet two cuties, Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson. Instantly the boys become fixated on Hadley, but who will she chose, and what about Isla? Will she get a boy as well? This is no ordinary cruise.


19. The big question

Austin’s POV

It has been two months since Chris was born and now it is time. I am going to ask Hadley to marry me. I was going to talk her for a walk on the beach and propose out on the pier. Hadley was going to be home soon so I put Chris to sleep and told Cody and Isla to keep on eye on him when the door opened.

“That’s Hadley, I’ll go get her ready.” Isla bounced down the stairs and ran back up dragging Hadley behind her.

“Jeez, Isla. Cody can you stop your girlfriend before she rips of my arm.” We all just laughed after Hadley was pulled into Isla room and the door was shut.

“I hope this goes well.”

“Hey, man she loves you.”

“Not that part. I worried about passing out”

“When did you become such a wimp?”

“Not now Cody”


30 minutes later Hadley came out in a black dress and white heels. She looked perfect as always.

“Do I look okay?”

“Baby, you could wear a cow suit, bunny ears, and a clown nose. You would still make me weak at the knees.” I replied and Hadley blushed dark red for the first time ever

“Well you don’t look too bad yourself.” Hadley smiled at my outfit. I was wearing a suit and tie. “You clean up nice.”

“Yeah, well I try.” I chuckled tugging on my jacket.

“Are you sure it’s okay to leave Chris?” Hadley asked looking at Chris’s door.

“Hadley, don’t worry yourself.” I cooed

“Chris will be fine Hadley. Isla and I will take perfect care of him.” Hadley gave Cody and strange look as he leaned against the doorway.

“Don’t you trust us sis?”

“Of course I do I just-”

“Sis leave him to us, Shawn is here too, Chris will be fine. You two deserve a break anyway; you haven’t left his side in two months. Now go have a good time.” Isla appeared from behind Cody reassuring Hadley Chris would be in good hands.

“Fine, we’re going.” Hadley sighed and turned back to me. I smiled and offered her my arm, and she gladly took it. I led her out to the car and drove to the beach.


Hadley’s POV

After a short drive the car stopped right at the beach. Austin opened the door for me and took my hand. I slipped out of the car and we walked along the boardwalk. “It’s so peaceful here.” I intertwined our fingers and leaned on his shoulder.

“Yeah I come here a lot to think.”

“Why did you take me here?” I asked as we walked down the pier

“I’ve been think a lot lately…about you…and us.”

“What about us?”

“Hadley I really love you and I need to ask you something, right here, right now” We walked down to the end of the dock and stopped, looking out over the water. Austin moved and stood in front of me then got on one knee. I gasped as he held up a velvet box and opened it to revel the most beautiful diamond ring ever. “Hadley Mendes, will you marry me?” Austin smiled up at me nervously. I broke down in tears of joy instantly.

“Yes! A thousand times yes!” I threw myself into his arms and kissed him passionately. It finally happened. I am getting married to the best guy on earth. Austin instantly kissed me back with love and I was stuck in this moment and wanted to stay.


The End

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