Cruise that changed Everything

Hadley and Isla Mendes are twins but polar opposites. They go on a cruise together where the meet two cuties, Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson. Instantly the boys become fixated on Hadley, but who will she chose, and what about Isla? Will she get a boy as well? This is no ordinary cruise.


8. Taking it farther

Austin’s POV

I can’t believe that Hadley is letting me do this. She showed up and pushed me into my room kissing me, practically begged me to take my shirt off and this time let me rip off hers. It felt so amazing every time we kissed. Her lips were so soft and tasted like vanilla. I ran my hands all over her body feeling every inch before I finally went down to her thighs and picked her up carrying her to my bed. As soon as I laid her down her hand went right to my jeans and she plays with the button. Is she really doing this? Does she really want this? I was confused but didn’t question it because I was starting to get a bad hard on, and wanted to be inside her so badly.

I broke off the kiss and without even asking if it was ok took off her shorts, but she didn’t complain. I then took off my jeans and looked at Hadley in just her underwear and staring at my body. I smirked at her and attacked her smashing our lips together and forcing my tongue into her mouth, surprised again that she didn’t complain, but was enjoying this far too much to care to ask. She was stroking her tongue against mine forcing moan after moan out of me, and smiled as she realized I couldn’t stop them. I just wanted to kiss and feel her. That’s exactly what I was doing and didn’t plain to stop. I broke off from Hadley and grabbed a condom for Cody’s nightstand.

Hadley’s eyes widened when she saw it. “If you don’t want to do this than stop-“ She stopped me from talking by kissing me. She kissed me with so much passion and this time she forced her tongue into my mouth and began to stroke it against mine again as I kissed her back hard. I couldn’t help myself any longer. I slowly put one finger through the lace material of her underwear and inside her and she let out a moan into the kiss and opening her mouth wider as we fought for dominance, and I won because Hadley was obviously too concentrated on what my finger was doing, and I was going to make her enjoy it. I moved slowly in and out as I continued to kiss her and she continued to moan before I could finally feel her start to smile into the kiss, indicated that I had succeeded. She was definitely enjoying what I was doing to her so I moved even faster, thrusting my finger inside as she moaned again and jerked. I kept moving and her back arched in pleasure and I knew she was ready.

I removed my finger and broke away and smiled before removing my boxers and her underwear. I slowly rolled on the condom and hovered over her. “You really want this?” She nods eagerly with need in her eyes and I can no longer resist and I slam into her. She screams out and digs her fingernails into my back pulling me against her as I thrust again harder this time and she cries out again and digs her nails in more, not so much that it hurt but enough that I felt it. I kept going harder and faster, moving out and slamming back inside her making her cry out with each sharp thrust. Hadley continued to cry out, but then with every thrust she began to moan as she got used to the feeling and her pain became pleasure. She started to tilt up her hips meeting me halfway. I started to go harder and faster and Hadley kept up meeting me every time. Man this is amazing. “Come on Babe give it to me.” I hissed and slamming so hard that Hadley cried out so loud Russia could hear and in an instant I felt her cum and that set me over the edge and I cum right after. I moan out her name loudly and collapsed on top of Hadley, still buried deep inside her and savoring it.

She smiled like she was also glad I was still inside her, breathing heavily with my face buried in her soft blonde hair. I inhaled the sent of her strawberry shampoo as I tired to get my breathing back to normal. I lay there for what seemed like forever before I slowly pull out of Hadley. I heard her wince at the feeling of not having me inside her and a smirk flashed across my face before I lay beside her.


“Fuck Hadley. What are you doing to me?” I breathe out and look at her as she just starts back at me she eyes shinning like a little girl with a new doll from Santa on Christmas, and then I realize that she hasn’t spoken a single word this whole time. (Besides moaning my name) “Why are you so quiet? You haven’t said a single word this whole time.” She looks away for a moment before sighing and meeting my eyes again. She leans forward and grabs my face, kissing me and again forcing her tongue into my mouth and kissed me hard. I was going to ask but I just decided to let her kiss me and enjoy the feeling of her tongue stroking against mine as I moan into her mouth and can feel her smirk. She finally pulls away and stares into my eyes.

“I-I love you Austin. I really love you. I was just afraid to fall, but I can’t stop and I don’t want to. I’m in love with you Austin.”

I was shocked to hear her say that. She actually loves me. I grabbed her and hugged her tight.  “I love you too I have since the moment I first laid my eyes on you. I love you more than anything, I love you with all my heart.”  She smiled at me as tears of happiness and joy began to run down her cheeks like the most beautiful waterfall. I pulled the covers over us up to my shoulders as I held her close, holding her safe and tightly in my arms. She said it and I knew she meant it. I finally have her; I finally got the girl of my dreams.

“You’re really good at sex.” I looked at Hadley and she smiled and giggled.

“Maybe you’d like to do it again.” I smirked and kissed her.

“With you, anytime.” She whispered against my lips and kissed me back with so much passion.

“I love you Hadley so much.” I whipped away her tears and just fell asleep hugging her close.


Isla’s POV

“So you’re telling me that my sister…” I said pointing at my chest “…had sex with Austin?”

“Well I found a black lace tank top on the floor that definitely is too small for either of our muscles and looks like something Hadley would wear, so… I’m going to go with yes. Plus the condom that was on my night stand is gone and Austin is the only person who could’ve taken in it, and only wants to have sex with Hadley.”

“There is no way Hadley just took off her clothes.”

“She didn’t, Austin did that part for her. Although she started it by pulling at Austin’s shirt.” Cody chuckled

“What has that boy done to my sister? She is never like that. I mean I’m happy for her, but still I can’t believe she would let Austin fuck her.”

“It actually was Hadley’s idea. She kissed him and made the move to his jeans.”

“Whatever, at least she is happy and finally found interest in a guy. She’s been looking at little depressed lately, but since she met Austin she’s become a happier person, that boy has got to stick around, good thing his a good guy too.”

“Oh, why is that?” Cody lifted an eyebrow and asked sarcastically

“Well I want my sister to be happy, and the guy who makes her happy to stay. I would hate it if the guy who makes her happy were a dick. That would make him hard to be around even if he makes Hadley happy. Austin though is one of the two most amazing guys I know, the other one being you. I want him and you around.”

“Some how you always express concern for Hadley’s relationship but at the same time throw in another compliment to me.”

“One of my many talents.” I smiled I sat down on Cody’s lap. It had been about two days since I told Hadley about Austin hurting and sent her to his room. I already knew she would probably stay the night. She would do whatever to make that guy happy, but I didn’t think she would go as far as having sex with him. Right now I was out in the sun with Cody, I have no idea where Hadley went with Austin, but she was probably at the gym now. It was so weird to think that my sister had sex with Austin. She barely let the boy kiss her, yet seems perfectly fine having him shove his dick in her. I don’t know what has gotten into my sister, but she did seem happier than I’ve ever seen her so I didn’t let it bother me. I closed my eyes and leaned back into Cody’s chest and closed my eyes. I felt Cody kiss my temple. I was so close to falling asleep when Cody’s chest moved from him talking. I kept my eyes closed and listened to the voice.

“Dude, should I ask her?” I heard a very familiar voice

“Let me get this straight she said she loved you and I know you love her. How have you not asked her yet?”

“Dude you know I’m not good at that.” I knew that was Austin’s voice

“It’s only 5 words dude.”

“What if she says no?” Austin’s voice was laced with terror. I finally decided to step in.

“Just ask her, she’s not going to say no.” I spoke up keeping my eyes closed

“Hey, man you heard Isla.”

“I should listen to her? Cody, she is half asleep.”

“DUDE, ASK HER!!” Cody yelled like he was trying to get the attention of the entire ship.

“Jeez, okay no need to yell.” Austin tried to calm down Cody. “Fine, I’ll ask her.”

“Wait.” I walked to Austin and gave him my room key. “There is a black box under the pillow of the bed closest to the door. It had a necklace that belonged to our mom, and Hadley loves it. Go get it and give it to her when you ask her, and hurry before she gets back from the gym.” Austin gave me a blank look and then nodded running off towards our room. 

“What did you give him?” Cody asked when I walked back over and sat on his lap.

“Just my room key so he could get a gift for Hadley when he asks her. There is a necklace under my pillow that Hadley really likes so I told him to give her that when she asks her.”

“Do you think she’ll say yes?” Cody asked like he wasn’t confident in what he just told Austin.

“Hadley is pretty hard to read, I sometimes can’t even tell what she’s thinking. Still, the look that she gives Austin is a look I have never seen before. I mean it isn’t like the look I give most guys, but that’s because most guys I just look at because I think they are cute and would be a good hook up, but don’t worry I don’t think of you as just a hook up. She looks at Austin they way that Mom used to look at Dad, with real love. Austin is the first guy to make her feel this way, like she is really wanted by somebody other than me. Austin makes her feel loved and I know that she doesn’t just love Austin, but is in love with Austin. She will say yes, trust me.” I smiled and turned around so I was facing Cody who smiled back.

“Good, because I don’t want to see my best friend hurt.”

“She won’t hurt him, I can promise that.” Cody smiled again but his smile slowly turned into a smirk. “What?” I asked. Cody didn’t say anything and gently pressed his lips to mine. I smiled into the kiss and pulled away after a minute. “Come on, Hadley should be back from the gym at any second. I want to see her reaction when Austin asks her. She will be so happy and that is a face I really want to see on my sister. I never see that enough.”

“Ok let’s go.” I turned to leave but Cody grabbed my wrist and stopped me. I turned to look at his face, which have a nervous look. “What is it?”

“While we’re on the subject, I want to ask you something.” Cody let go of my wrist and took both my hands.  “Isla, will you be my girlfriend?” I froze in my spot; did he just ask me to be his girlfriend? Cody saw the look on my face and sighed. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked too soon.” He hung he head in disappointment. I put my index finger under his chin a lifted it up so I could see his eyes. I looked at his eyes that were full of sadness and confusion. I didn’t say a word, just leaned forward and softly pressed my lips to his. I felt him kiss back softly and sweet. He carefully placed one hand on my cheek and the other curled around my waist, I loved how he put it there softly and just supported my face instead of grabbing it. He didn’t try anything just slowly moved his lips with mine, and then I gently pulled away. He looked back into my eyes, his blue color more lively then ever with hope.

“Yes” I breathed out and hugged him tightly, afraid that if I didn’t he would slip away.

“One more thing. What is so special about your mom’s necklace?” Cody asked. I took a deep breath before looking up at him.

“She died when Hadley and I were nine years old, and it crushed us both. Mom always wore that necklace, and it’s the best memory or piece of her that we have left.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok. I mean we have our step-mom, Jess. She is great, loving, and caring. She has been raising us like her own children, but doesn’t try to take our mom’s place. She loves us and treats us like we came from her. She can never replace our mom, but she’s done a really good job at being a mom.” I smiled again and grabbed Cody’s hand. “Now come on, I want to be there when Hadley says yes.”

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