Cruise that changed Everything

Hadley and Isla Mendes are twins but polar opposites. They go on a cruise together where the meet two cuties, Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson. Instantly the boys become fixated on Hadley, but who will she chose, and what about Isla? Will she get a boy as well? This is no ordinary cruise.


18. Meet your Aunt and Uncles

Hadley’s POV

I had been awake for a while and a nurse said I was okay to move around and if I wanted to go see Chris, I was free to. He was in the nursery just down the hall. When I got there I found Chris in a crib laying down, grabbing at the air with his hands and Austin fast asleep in a chair. I walked over and softly kissed him. His eyes fluttered open and he smiled at me. “Hey sweetheart”

“Sweetheart? That’s a new one, I like it” I smiled at sat on his lap “Our son really is beautiful”

“Only because of his amazing and gorgeous mother.”

“He has a pretty hot father too.” I laughed and kissed him. He kissed me back and cradled the back of my head, holding me to his lips.


We had planned to keep it clean considered Chris was here, but Austin couldn’t resist and licked my lip begging for entrance. Surprisingly enough I let him in and we explored each other mouth’s. We kept making out until a voice interrupted us.

“Really guys. In front of your son?” We looked up to see Shawn standing there.

“He doesn’t mind. Now would like to criticize us or hold your new nephew?” I stood up off Austin’s lap and picked up Chris smiling. Shawn walked over and I placed Chris in his arms.

“He’s really cute. What’s his name?”

“Christopher, Christopher Mahone”

“I like that name. It suits him.”

“The perfect name for the perfect son.” Austin said and I smiled at him and sat back on his lap. Shawn smiled at Chris like he was the most beautiful thing ever, which he absolutely was.

“I promise you two that I will be the best uncle ever for this boy.” Shawn looked into my eyes with truth.

“I know you will Shawn. You’ve been a great brother for 17 years, and I know you’ll be an even greater uncle.”


Shawn’s POV

I held Chris carefully and lovingly in my arms. He was a beautiful baby boy. I just couldn’t believe that this was my nephew. He looked just like Austin and I could see Hadley through his eyes. He was perfect. I sat down with him in my arms while I talked with Hadley and Austin for a while when Cody and Isla showed up and joined in. Chris was in my arms the whole time with Austin and Cody doing funny faces the whole time. Chris giggled every time and his giggle was the cutest sound I had ever heard. I love my new nephew and will be the best uncle in the world for him. That is a promise and I will not break it.


Cody’s POV

After Isla had regained herself and promised that she wouldn’t faint again we walked to the nursery where Hadley was sitting on Austin’s lap, and Shawn was across from them with Chris laughing at Austin’s faces. “SHAWN”

“ISLA” Isla ran over to Shawn and hugged him from behind. “What do you think of Chris?”

“He is the best nephew I could think of.”

“I know” Isla agreed while I sat next to Austin and did funny faces for Chris who couldn’t stop giggling. After a while a nurse came in a said it was okay to take Chris home.

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