Cruise that changed Everything

Hadley and Isla Mendes are twins but polar opposites. They go on a cruise together where the meet two cuties, Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson. Instantly the boys become fixated on Hadley, but who will she chose, and what about Isla? Will she get a boy as well? This is no ordinary cruise.


4. Dinner

Hadley's POV

We ended up in a nice restaurant on one of the top decks and enjoyed a great dinner. After we had finished eating Austin asked me to step outside with him for a second. I didn’t really want to leave Isla alone with Cody knowing she would attack but I accepted and we walked to the railing of the boat overlooking the now dark sea. “I know you lied about Cody liking Isla.” Austin looked at my and sighed with regret clear in his tone.

“Are you mad at me?” he asked with regret laced in his voice

“No. I’m worried about my sister. She can be a real pain in the neck but I still care about her. When I told her that Cody liked her she lit up like the Christmas tree in Rockefeller plaza. I’ve never seen her so happy about a guy liking her, and a lot of guys like her. I’m scared she will find out Cody doesn’t like her and be crushed.”

Austin sighed. “I’m sorry I just needed a reason to ask you out. I know I don’t really know you but I like you a lot. I’ve have since I saw you on deck, but I saw other guys looking at you so I know I had to move fast if I wanted a chance with you. I also knew Cody liked you over your sister but I couldn’t stop myself.”

“Why would you pick me over my sister? She’s the pretty popular head cheerleader with straight A’s, even though I get A’s too. I’m just the girl in black who plays sports and wouldn’t be caught dead in a skirt.”  I then sighed realizing I said that while wearing a dress. I looked at him and his looked back at me his green eyes glowing. “Hadley will you listen to what I have to say?” I looked at him confused “Hadley?” he searched my eyes and I nodded.


Austin’s POV

“Hadley that’s why I like you. It’s not easy to find a girl who dresses in black and likes bands like Nirvana and Blink 182, let alone actually heard of them. You have heard of them and listen to them. When I saw you on deck this morning I couldn’t move or look away. Your outfit was so close to mine. Your blond hair and blue tips blowing in the wind, your unbelievably blue eyes that didn’t look at me like a meal. I knew that second that you were different and I had to get you anyway I could. I ached to be close to you. I had to get close to you, I couldn’t stand the idea of seeing you with another guy even though I didn’t even know you and only saw you for a minute. Please don’t hate me. I really like you. Please Hadley. ”

“I don’t hate you but you could have just asked me out.”

“I was too scared that you wouldn’t feel the same and that you’d say no.” I looked away and then felt lips on my cheek for a quick second then they were gone. I looked at Hadley who had the corners of her lips lifted up in a small smile.

“I’ll never turn down an offer from a guy like you. Now we should get back before Isla eats Cody alive, and trust with his looks it won’t take long for her to attack.” I laughed and followed Hadley to the restaurant only to find Cody and Isla making out on a couch in the back of the room. It was clear that Cody was enjoying it. He had Isla straddling his lap with one hand moving up and down her thigh and the other in her hair strongly holding her lips to his while she had her arms wrapped around his neck, kissing him roughly.

“Well that was unexpected.”

“Yeah, Austin I think we should go.”

“Or we could stay and do what they are doing.” I smirked and she playfully punched my arm “Ouch, hey that actually hurt”

“I would prefer somewhere more private. Plus I’m not my sister, I don’t make out with a guy I just met.” She said in a calm tone. I pretended to look hurt, well actually I was a little hurt.

“Can I at least walk you back to your room?”

“I’d be sad if you didn’t” I took her hand relieved that she didn’t complain or pull away and lead her back to her room. She opened the door.

“I had fun tonight thank you.”

“Yeah me too” I said not looking at her

“Hey are you okay?”

“Yeah” I still didn’t look at her. She grabbed my chin and forced me to meet her eyes. She gave me a smile and quickly pecked my cheek. My eyes widened in surprise.

“Thank you for tonight Austin”

“My pleasure Hadley”


“Night Hadley” She smiled at me and closed the door. I walked back to my room just thinking about her kiss. It was short and on the cheek, but still sent electric chills through my body. I lay down in bed knowing that I had begun to fall in love.

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