my curse

Alexis Umbrage lives with her mom in Staten Island while her twin sister Alexa lives with her dad in Manhattan. Alexis knows that her dad is the dean of a very prestigious school and Alexa gets to go for free, but she feels, the farther away from her, the better. Alexa is the epitome of an asshole in her eyes. She ruined her life once and now that her dad has put his foot down about her education, she has to go to the same school as her again, but what if Alexis finds the perfect guy she's been dreaming of. Will she be more apt to stay?
But what Alexis doesn't know is that Her dad is the dean of a school for monsters. She has no idea that her dad is a vampire and her mom is a hunter. Both natural enemies, hunters are the police force of the monster world, there power is said to be derived from God himself, so naturally they are feared by all monsters. But this school is meant to bring all of the different species together and strengthen the community as a whole.


2. chapter 2

"Nice, so what class are you in?" He asked with I think the best smile I've ever seen "I'm in V3" 

I looked down at my paper and at the top of my schedule for homeroom it said V3 "Me too, whatever that means" I said in confusion.

"Did you live in the human world or something?" He asked, I guess my answers are striking him as kind of odd.

"Ya, all my life till now" I said bluntly and his eyes widened.

"Wow, really? Well I guess you really wouldn't know much" I'm pretty sure he was just thinking out loud at that point, but that's ok I guess "Ok, so the V stands for vampire and three stands for junior, because it's your third year of high school" That makes sense, but I'm definitely not a vampire, so I'm extremely confused, like to the max. I get that my dad is a vampire, but Alexa is the only one who remotely has the vampire genes, I mean she's perfect, and I'm just...boring. He must have mixed up mine and Alexa's schedules, I have to be the hunter, or whatever they call it. They probably look more normal.

"Oh, ok, makes sense I guess, but umm, I kinda have a question" I said quietly. Small talk to hot strangers just isn't my thing.

"Ok, what is it?" He asked, with that adorable smile.

"Where is everybody? Shouldn't there be a lot of people trying to get into school right now?" I asked.  

"No" He chuckled a little, but I don't know why. I don't get what's so funny "Orientation started like" He checked his phone for the time "ten minuets ago"

"Oh my god, I didn't even know" I said. God dammit, why didn't dad tell me about this!

"It's ok, it's not a big deal, even if you're new, you'll find out everything Mr. Umbrage talks about eventually, and the teachers pretty much go over everything in the beginning of school anyway" He said it so nonchalantly, as if he forgot that I grew up in the "human" world my whole life, so all these rules are probably way different.

"Umm, ok" I said, not wanting to sound like a total fucking nerd for actually wanting to go to the orientation. 

All of a sudden a deep loud voice sounded from behind us "What do you two think you're doing?" The man walked in front of us and I'd have to say that hands down, he is the tallest person I have ever seen, he has to be at least eight feet tall.

"She's new here and I was showing her the way to the auditorium" He said, and I could instantly tell that he had a beef with this guy.

"Ok, well hurry up, there's no reason to be this late" He said and walked off.

I looked over at Jordan and he looked wicked tense "Umm, who was that?" I asked, not trying to pry too much.

"That's Mr. Backus, he's one of the gym teachers" He said it and he started to sound even more pissed off.

"Ok" I hate the fact that I have absolutely no filter at all "So I'm assuming you don't like him" 

"Ya, you could say that" Is all he said, I could tell he wasn't trying to sound like an ass, and he cracked a small smile, but I could tell he was just not having this conversation at all.

I waited till we got to the front gate to talk again, giving him time to cool down "So umm, could show me where the orientation is?" It's so embarrassing to ask, but I will never find my way around this huge ass school without a guide.

"Ya, it's actually pretty close. I know this school looks really intimidating from the outside, but all your classes are usually easy to get to. The juniors classes are all pretty much on the same floor, except like gym and those types of classes, so you'll be fine" He said it like it was no big deal, but I'm not joking when I say this school is huge, it probably has at least two to three thousand students, it has to, to be this big.

"Ok" I said nervously.

"Don't worry, if I'm in any classes with you I'll help you out. I know my first year here it was intimidating, but you'll get used to it" His smile is literally one of the best I have ever seen, it's too damn cute.

"Ok, thanks" I said with a small nervous smile.

"Don't be so nervous, you'll be fine, I promise" He said and we started walking down a bunch of hallways.

"I'm trying" I replied, still wicked fucking nervously.

"Ok, well, the auditorium is right down the hall" He said and we ended up at a bunch of double doors "But umm" He looked around seeing if anyone was around for some reason "You actually smell really good" His eyes changed to the red color that uncle Rogers did in the car and I ended up freezing like a statue like before.

"U-umm, thanks?" I replied and he kept inching toward me.

"You smell almost human" His teeth went to a point like Uncle Rogers now....and now I know what he was saying wasn't total bullshit. This is not possible.

"Umm, ok" That probably wasn't the best thing to say, but like I said, I don't have a filter.

"Well Alexis, I think we'll be good friends if you keep smelling like this" Wow, I guess the cliche of vampires being overly sexual is true, because there had to have been a hint of sexual innuendo behind that. He started getting closer and closer to me with his fangs and I started to panic.

I don't know why, but I couldn't move, more like wouldn't. I almost felt weirdly comfortable with him next to me like this, not like Uncle Roger, he scared the shit out of me. I am panicking all the same, but there's not the same kind of fear behind it. Don't ask me why, cause I have no idea, I just know that this is oddly comfortable.

His head was now in the nook of my neck and he wasn't doing anything -which caught me off guard a little- all he did was sniff. I backed away after that "Umm, shouldn't we get inside?" I asked, still just as nervous.

He backed away and turned back to normal "Ya, I guess so" He replied unenthusiastically.

We walked in and literally everyone was staring at us. I can say that I've never had a room full of what seemed like ten thousand people stare at me. It's not fun, if you can, avoid it at all times. 

I stood there completely frozen in place till Jordan brought me back to reality "Hey, you can sit here" He said, pointing next to a petite girl with her -I must say completely gorgeous- blonde hair pulled up in a bun.

"Oh, umm, ok" I said and sat in the seat next to her. Jordan walked down the line to I assuming one of his friends.

"Hi, I'm Emily" She said with the whitest smile I've ever seen.

"Hi, Alexis" I replied with a nervous smile.

"So you're new I'm assuming" She said.

"Ya, I'm from the human world" It sounded so weird saying it, but I guess that's how I'm going to pull off being a monster from now on, I got to talk the way they do about things.

"Oh, that's awesome, so what kind of monster are you? A succubus? You really look like one...and you were hanging around Jordan" She giggled a little and now knowing how she talks about things I can tell we'll probably get along just fine, and after seeing the way she wears her uniform -all scruffy like me- it's almost a done deal.

"No, I'm a vampire" I replied. I'm guessing all the succubus girls are all over him, I mean he's fucking hot, and obviously they would have a real chance with him, or any monster for that matter.

"Oh my god, that's awesome, me too" She lit up when I told her her smile got even bigger "So are you a junior?"

"Ya, so I guess I'm in class with you too than?" I asked.

"Yup, and don't worry, I'll show you around, you won't get lost on your way to homeroom" She replied with so much enthusiasm that it's like almost draining me.

"Ok, but umm, how come Mr. Umbrage or anybody isn't talking?" I asked in confusion.

Her enthusiasm level just dropped dramatically "Because his daughter Alexa isn't here yet. She's always fucking late every year, so I don't know why I even show up on time if I'm going to be waiting on her ass to get here" Good thing I'm not the only one here who hates her.

"Oh, well at least it waists time out of school" I said, trying to make it seem not so bad.

"Ya, I guess that's a good thing, but it still pisses me off that he'll wait for her, but if anybody else is later than her he'll start anyway, it's just too fucking annoying" She just started ranting away and everything she has said describes them to a T...she's just lucky she doesn't have to put up with them as much as I had too.

"That's stupid" I replied. I didn't think that he'd stoop that low, but it doesn't surprise me.

"Ya, tell me about it. The amount of shit she gets away with here is unreal. She never gets in trouble. She has literally pulled out her abilities on me and not gotten in trouble" She chuckled "And all I did was tell people that she fucked a freshman elf" Now she was full on laughing.

"Really?" I started laughing only because she ruined my life for doing exactly what she said I was doing...and I'm pretty sure the elf thing means he has a tiny penis too, at least that's what I got out of it.

"Ya, out under the bleachers of the soccer filed last year. Me and my friends were going out there to meet up and smoke some human marijuana that one of them brought back over from vacation and I herd something from under the bleacher and I found them. I couldn't stop laughing my ass off" I chuckled along with her. I wonder if it's illegal over here like it is there, or if they just don't care at all.

"So umm, I got a question" I said and she motioned for me to go on "Since I've lived in the human world my whole life, I was wondering if weed is still illegal over here" This probably sounds like the stupidest question to her right now.

"Weed?" Never mind, she doesn't even know what I'm talking about.

"Marijuana" I replied for clarification. Wow, they actually call it by it's name over here.

"Oh" She said, enlightened "No, just in public or on school property and stuff" She said it as if she wasn't breaking the law. I think I can say that I'm about one of the only people who hasn't smoked weed. I've just never felt the need to, not to mention my mom would find out -she finds out literally everything- and murder me, and I only have like three friends and we're just too lazy for that shit, I mean, we never even really hang out with each other, we just talk all the time. It's a mutual agreement, we would just hang out during special occasions. We're the most antisocial people you would ever have met.

"Oh, ok" I replied.

"So, how come you were walking with Jordan?" She asked, not being territorial or anything, but kind of shocked.

"I don't know, we were both walking here and he walked over to me and we started talking.

"Oh, ok, well since literally everybody saw you I would watch out for Alyssa Gaines, right there" She was pointing to the other side of the walkway a little farther down "Bleach blonde hair, huge fake tits, looks like barbie" Ohhh, blonde bitch. Great, there's another one, not just my sister.   

"Oh, her? I'm not going to worry, I could probably sit on her and break her" She looks as intimidating as a five year old to me.

She laughed "Ya, but she's just bitchy enough when it comes to Jordan that she might pick a fight"

"What? Are they together or something?" I asked. That douche bag, getting so close to me like that and saying that stuff when he's already got a girlfriend.

"No, not at all" She almost laughed "She's just had the biggest crush on him ever since freshman year. It's actually kind of funny. Her mom and both of his parents are a part of the vampire council and they've wanted them to get together, so they can 'keep their long line of pure blood vampires'" She said with air quotes "But god forbid they have him be with me"

I giggled "Of course they'll want the pretty bitch" I replied.

"Ya, but he doesn't want anything to do with her like that" Nice, I guess he's not a douche bag than.

Just than the doors opened and Alexa walked in and ran up to the front, but right as she passed me we locked eyes and I could tell she was going to enjoy this.

"Whoa, do you know her?" Emily asked.

"No" I said with no hesitation, but I wish I didn't.

"Oh, you two looked like you did" 

"Nope, and I don't think I want to" I said and she told me that was Alexa, although obviously I already did. I'm just thinking that the longer people don't know we're related, the better.

Once Alexa sat down dad went up to the microphone "Ok, now that someone finally decided to show up, we can start" He started going on and on about school policies and door rooms and classes and rules and shit, and I just fell asleep, it's nothing new, it's just like the human world.

He was finally done and we all got up, but Emily stayed seated "You might want to wait this out. The giants will trample you" She said.

"Oh, ok" So I sat back down.

"Ok, so I'm going to assume since you've lived in the human world till now you don't really know much about all the different monsters" She said, and thank the fucking lord she did, because it's not going to seem so weird if I ask.

"Uh, ya, I was kind of isolated from this stuff" I said, and she nodded.

"Ok, so you know those people in the human world who suffer from gigantism?" She asked.

"Ya, so there actually giants?" I asked. I imagined giants being like how they are in Jack and the bean stalk.

"Yup, and some of the magic over there that people can't really explain. That's witches" I nodded my head along with her "And a lot of 'paranormal activity' is really ghosts, and there not the way you think, they look just like you and I do, and can be just as solid as us, but they when they don't want to be, they can be just as corny as in the movies" Wow, I'm actually learning so much from her right now that I probably won't actually need to ask Uncle Roger anything.

"Cool, what about werewolves?" I asked in awe.

"Well their definitely not as hairy as they make them seam. They actually find it insulting. I do find it awesome that Stephenie Meyer got the way werewolves look spot on. That's how they shape shift, they don't look fucking ugly like in a lot of the older stuff, they're actually quite beautiful. But the whole mating for life thing is complete bullshit" She laughed at that "They're the biggest players I know. All the girls go after the werewolves, aside from incubi and succubi" Outer species dating? I didn't think that would be a thing, but now that I think about it, I guess I'm part of two very different species, one of which I didn't think would be able to reproduce, but I guess they can. "It's the same with werecats too"

We waited until almost everyone was out of the auditorium before leaving "So, do you know the difference between devils and demons?" She asked and I shook my head, totally clueless.

"I thought there was only one devil" She honestly looked like she was going to laugh when I said that "Did you grow up knowing nothing about your kind at all?" I don't know why this is such a shock. I said I grew up in the human world.

"Kind of" I said nervously "I guess you can say I grew up just like a human" Now we finally started to walk to homeroom.

"I can tell, you smell just like one. Don't worry, I'll protect you from the guys in class. I don't know if you know this fact, but vampire males actually go more crazy over a scent than females do. That's probably why Jordan was all over you, your human smell is enough to make any of them go crazy. Bottom line, just don't let them get what they want from you" Wow, she actually knows a lot, if only I did.

"Like any other guy?" I said sarcastically, and she chuckled.

"Ya, so anyway, there is lots of devils, their just a tad more powerful than demons. The "devil" or "Satan" as they call him in the human world isn't what he calls himself. It's actually pretty insulting. His name is Lucifer and he has rule over all of us "evil" or "unnatural" monsters" She rolled her eyes when she said that last part.

"I guess I was really sheltered on the other side because I'm completely clueless about this stuff" This is probably the lamest attempt at trying to cover up the fact that I'm pretty positive I'm a human.

She giggled "I see, well I'll educate you than"

"Ok, good, this is literally so embarrassing you have no idea" I replied.

"I can imagine, good thing for you, I don't judge. It must be hard coming from all human customs for so long, than being submerged into this, knowing nothing about it" Ya, no shit, try being on the other end of it.  

"Ya, thanks though, I really do appreciate you helping me, I was just going to google everything" I said with a laugh.

"That wouldn't get you very far, haha. Anyway, so the only monsters that don't fallow Mr. Lucifer are hunters -who can be personally picked by Jesus to be some of his angels- fairies, and some ghosts and elements. Basically what I mean when I say "some", I mean that most categories of monsters have sub-categories, and some of those fallow Jesus instead of Lucifer" Wow, I guess you learn something new everyday.

"Ok, so umm could you tell me more about the hunters?" I asked. I guess Alexa is one, so I should probably educate myself on that more.

"Sure, like their name suggests, they pretty much hunt other species. They're mostly bounty hunters, looking for rouge monsters -which if you're clueless about that too, they're monsters that went against either Jesus or Lucifer, by going against all their policies- and their the police force also, and just like over in the human world, they're pretty corrupt. They can get away with anything pretty much and it pisses the rest of us off" Well Alexa's personality fits the bill perfectly than. "I mean, don't get me wrong, some of them are ok, I'm actually friends with one of them, she's pretty cool. She actually told me once that she wishes she were born a vampire or a succubus" I see that Emily tends to rant a lot.

"Cool, so this may sounds completely stupid, but how exactly are they "hunters", like what do they do?" I don't get it at all, so they like shoot flaming arrows at them or something???

"You mean their abilities?" She asked and I nodded "They can create weapons out of Gods light. It's cool I guess, they can manifest it into whatever weapon they want, my friend uses a bow and arrow and she's actually pretty bad ass with it" That actually sounds pretty damn cool. Why did I have to end up being the vampire? Annoying.

We walked down a long hall till we reached a big door. I guess they have to be huge for giants to fit through. "So this is homeroom, Mr. Lancaster, I had him last year in band, he's actually pretty damn cool, he's wicked nice too and laid back, unlike a lot of the teachers here" I nodded my head.

"Well we can talk about monsters if we have any classes together" She smiled and I fallowed her up the stairs to the back of the class room. It's built pretty weird here, the rooms are in a big slant at the end so you're looking down at the teacher. There's about twenty different rows till you hit the back wall, so this is a whole lot bigger than my old school.

Two other girls walked over to us with smiles on their faces "So who is this? One of the shorter girls with the prettiest purple hair I think I've ever seen asked.

"This is Emily, she's new this year. She's been completely isolated from us her whole life till now in the human world" Well that was pretty blunt and to the point.

"Oh my god, really?" The other tall girl with long ass black wavy hair -which I would kill for by the way- said, as if it's the worst thing in the world.

"Ya, but I think I'm adjusting pretty good" I said, trying to sound as confident as possible.

"You'll be fine, just don't piss off any hunters...if you can help it" The purple haired girl said with a wink "Oh ya, I'm Megan, and that's Victoria" She said pointing to the other girl and she gave a small smile.

"Cool" Right as I said that blonde bitch that Emily warned me about walked in the room with three other girls and two guys, who all look equally just as bitchy.

Megan noticed me staring at them "Oh, don't worry about them, there jut bitches, I'm sure there everywhere, so you can just imagine what there like. There really not a big deal, all you gotta do is either ignore them or tell them off and they usually fuck off and get the hint" Nice advice, but nothing can be worse than having to deal with Alexa my whole life.

"Ehh, I'll be fine, I've had to deal with bitches my whole life" The bitches started walking up the stairs, but stopped up towards the front, thank the fucking lord, that's just what I need today, dealing with all of them.

"Oh my god, did you see Jordan today walking in with that girl?" The girl I think she called Alyssa said o her friends.

"Ya, she was actually kind of pretty" One of them said and I think I blushed a little.

"What?! No, she was not pretty" She just about screamed at her face.

"Wait, isn't that her?" One of the other girls said, pointing up to me, but than I instantly looked away.

Among all the whispering I herd Victoria talking to me and brought me out of my trance "That was you?" She asked with a huge smile.

"Ya, he walked up to me and started talking to me outside and helped me find the auditorium" I don't get why it's such a big ass deal.

Megan and Victoria started giggling "Alyssa is never going to shut up about you now, I hope you're up for it" Victoria said.

"So, it's not like I knew she was that into him" But it's not like I would have cared anyway. He helped me, it's not my fault things happened the way they did.

"I know, but girl, you were just in the wrong spot at the wrong time" Megan said.

A second later two of the guys walked in that Jordan went and sat with...and their all fucking gorgeous, I'd tap that anytime or day of the week, just give me a time and place.

The one with the darker hair went and sat with some guy, but the blond one stood in the doorway sniffing the air for some reason.

"Oh shit" Emily said, throwing her head back "See? What did I tell you Lexi -I hope you don't mind if I call you that by the way- all he smells is you right now, I can guarantee it"

And like she said, he walked right up to us with a look of desire on his face "Can we help you?" Megan asked with so much sass it could whip him in the face.

"I smell a human" He said.

"Well there's obviously no human here" Emily said.

He walked up to me and grabbed my hand "You smell so good, almost exactly like a human" I guess all guys here are the same too.

"Ya, I've gotten that a lot today" I said, trying to the lighten the mood a little, because the girls just looked pissed right the fuck off.

I tried to get my hand free, but his grip is like iron "I see, well..." He started to sniff the underside of my wrist and I cringed a little, trying to pull away "I would love to taste you" I'm just praying to god right now that that's just a vampire thing and not at all sexual, because that just creeped me the fuck out

"Umm, lets not" I said, still trying to pull away.

"Dude, Tyler, get off you man whore" Victoria growled, and he let go, obviously a little intimidated for some reason.

"Fine" He said and walked off.

Finally after about five minuets of dirty looks from the bitch crew and sexual looks from Tyler, the teacher walked in.

"Ok, so you all know the drill, so I'm just going to take a nap" He said and put his feet up on his desk and laid back.

"Wow, he really is laid back" I said.

Right before the bell rang, Jordan walked in with most pissed off look I've ever seen. He went to the wall and punched it as hard as he could, leaving that whole part of the wall cracked and a huge chunk of the wall missing where he punched it. I guess this whole thing is legit, nobody could ever do that to a cement wall.

After he did it he looked over at me -and I know it was me because the girls were all in front of me- and I don't know how, but he just started to calm down.

"Ugh, there he goes again" Megan said.

"He's probably just trying to impress Lexi" Victoria said in the girliest voice ever.

The bell rang and we all walked out...except Jordan, the teacher stopped him, but he wouldn't let go of eye contact with me, and it surprisingly wasn't uncomfortable. 

We walked out and Emily asked me what classes I have, so I told her and we four classes together, so I guess the other ones I'm kind of screwed on how to find them.

Luckily we have first period trig together. I seriously fucking hate the fact that dad signed me up for another math, I don't even need it, oh well

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