The new girl

Abby moves all the way from Australia to Los Angeles as her dad received an offer for a job of a life time. At first Abby did not like living in Los Angeles because she was so far away from all of her friends and family but when her mum convinced to to go next-door and introduce herself to them she soon changed her mind about living in Los Angeles as she discovered the cute boy next-door called Justin....


1. My last day of school - part 1


Today is a very sad day for me, I was not only moving schools but I was moving to the other side of the world! All I could think about is how much I was going to miss everyone here, but I had to keep getting ready or I was going to be late for school.


*Arriving at school*


As I stepped out of the car and started to walk into school for the last time, I felt someone grab my arm and start taking me somewhere. At first I was scared but then i realised it was Indigo, my bestfriend. I am going to miss her so much!!


Abby: OMG you scared the crap out of me!!!

Indigo: Whatt how hahaha

Abby: Well because you just grabbed my arm and started pulling me and I had no idea who it was!

Indigo: Sorry hun, I just have a really big surprise for you!!!!!

Abby: Indie you know that I hate surprises! Pretty please with a cherry on top can you tell me what it is?

Indigo: No way! Then it wouldn't be a surprise now would it...

Abby: Ugh fine, but we have to hurry because the bell for us to go into class is going to ring soon.

Indigo: Abby trust me we will be fine.

Abby: Ok then… lets go!!


*At the gym*

I was really confused as to why she brought me to the gym… was she going to make me do one last work out with her?? God I really hope not, I’m just in the mood for that this morning.


Indigo: Ok now you have to close your eyes and hold my hands.

Abby: I’m not to sure about that... the last time I did that you walked me straight into a pole and I had a black eye for weeks!

Indigo: Come on Abby, I pinky promise I’m not going to run you into any poles this time.

Abby: Ok fine, I’m trusting you though!

I closed my eyes and put my hands out in front of me, I felt Indie take them and start to lead me into the gym. I was a little concerned because everything was silent. She finally let go of my hands and told me to open my eyes, when I did all my friends, people from my classes, some of my teachers and even my principal jumped up and yelled SURPRISE!!! There was cookies, cupcakes and lollies spread around the room and a bigger banner saying "farewell". This was one of the nicest things anyone has done for me at this school! I’m going to miss everyone so much.

Indigo: Aren’t you happy I didn’t tell you now…

I nodded my head as a huge smile spread across my face. Friends of mine and even people I didn’t know started to come up to me to say how much they were going to miss me and to wish me luck at my new school, a few of them even made me promise to text them or FaceTime them everyday.


After a while of talking and eating my principal got on the microphone and ordered everyone to go to their first class, Indigo and I were nextdoor to each other so we both walked to class together.







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