The new girl

Abby moves all the way from Australia to Los Angeles as her dad received an offer for a job of a life time. At first Abby did not like living in Los Angeles because she was so far away from all of her friends and family but when her mum convinced to to go next-door and introduce herself to them she soon changed her mind about living in Los Angeles as she discovered the cute boy next-door called Justin....


5. Movies

His house was just like mine except bigger I think. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at him as I followed him down the hallway and into the kitchen.


Justin: Mum this is Abby, her and her family just moved in next door.

Pattie: Hi sweetie I’m Pattie.

Abby: Hi, its nice to meet you.

Pattie: It’s very nice to meet you too.

Justin: Mum Abby and I gonna go watch a movie upstairs, can you bring us up some food please?

Pattie: Yes of course, I will bring you guys up some snacks in a sec.

Justin: Ok cool thanks. *turns and looks at me* After you.

Abby: Oh umm I'm not sure if i can stay because it's getting late and Mum would be wondering why I'm taking so long.....sorry.

Pattie: Don't worry, I’ll go over and see them in a little bit to introduce myself and I'll let them know you're having dinner here if you'd like?.

Abby: Yea okay, thank you so much pattie.

Justin: So can we go now?

Abby: Someone's impatient hahaha


We start walking up the stairs, Justin followed close behind me. I don’t think he realises I have no idea where I’m going. I got to the top of the stairs and turned around to ask him which way to go, when I turned around he was staring at my ass, which between you and I, I really didn’t mind. He finally realised I was looking at him then started to speak,


Justin: Sorry, when I see nice things I just can’t take my eyes off them.


He said that with the cutest smirk on his face, I couldn't help but blush.


Abby: OMG Justin you're so cheesy haha now help me out here, which way do we go?

Justin: There's nothing wrong with that babe, now follow me.


That’s when he grabbed my hand and took me into his home cinema, the screen in here was massive! There was a big area in front of the screen covered in pillows and blankets, we went over and sat down then started going through all the movies he had. We decided on watching ‘The Notebook’ which kind of surprised my because I thought guys hated those kinds of movies but Justin said it was one of his favourites. Not long after we chose the movie Pattie came in with a few bowls filled with chocolate, popcorn, and sourpatch kids, then she handed Justin and I a bottle of cold water each.


Abby: Thank you so much Pattie!

Pattie: No problem sweetie, now I’m going to go next door and see your parents, Justin I’m taking my phone so just text me if you need me.

Justin: Will do mumma.


Pattie left and we started watching the movie. I was sitting up and Justin was laying down but my back started to hurt so I decided to lay down as well, just as I was about to rest my head on a pillow Justin pulled me over and rested my head on his chest then wrapped his arm around me. I laid there and just listened to his heart beat for a few minutes then continued watching the movie. Ok so I know what your thinking, we only just met but yet we are already this close. I mean I don’t normally just snuggle up with a guy you met like 20 minutes ago but with Justin things were different, everything just felt so right. Every now and then Justin’s hand would meet mine in the popcorn bowl, we would just look at each other and laugh whenever it happened.


After ‘The Notebook’ finished we watched another movie and another one and well yea we ended up watching about 4 or 5 movies. We would have watched more but Pattie came in and told us it was 12:00 O'clock, time really flew by. I was upset that I had to leave Justin but he said he had plans for us tomorrow so I was excited about that. He gave me a hug then we said goodbye and I went home.



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