The new girl

Abby moves all the way from Australia to Los Angeles as her dad received an offer for a job of a life time. At first Abby did not like living in Los Angeles because she was so far away from all of her friends and family but when her mum convinced to to go next-door and introduce herself to them she soon changed her mind about living in Los Angeles as she discovered the cute boy next-door called Justin....


6. A beach kind of day

Abby’s POV

When I woke up it was about 10:00am. I put on my black Nike tights and a gray sports bra. I wasn’t bothered to do my make up or hair today so I just put on some mascara and put my hair in a messy bun. I also didn’t have a shower this morning as I had one last night before going to bed. 


I ran downstairs to go and have breakfast with mum and dad, I saw mum serving up four plates with bacon, scrabbled eggs, hash browns and some fried tomato. I’m not sure why she was serving up four plates when there’s only three of us…. That’s when I felt hands grab me around my waist.


Justin: Good morning my princess.


Justin whispered as he kissed my cheek sneakily.


Abby: Good morning haha


I definitely wasn't expecting Justin to be here this morning or be as flirty as he was.... he was acting like my boyfriend, boy did I like the idea of that!


Mum: I hope you don’t mind Justin having breakfast with us sweetie….. he came over to take you out but Miss sleeping beauty was still asleep, so I invited him to stay for breakfast.

Abby: Hey a girl needs her beauty rest thank you.

Justin: Maybe ugly girls but not you…

Abby: Your funny hahaha I literally just woke up…. this isn’t pretty.


I said pointing to my face.We all laughed and sat down ready to eat.


Justin’s POV

She is so beautiful… even when she just wakes up! I know she doesn’t think so but if only she could see what I could, then she would understand how beautiful she really is.


We sat down to have breakfast, it was delicious. After breakfast I planned on taking Abby out to the beach for the day, after all we are in the last two weeks of summer break. I’m excited to go back to school and see all the guys and for them to meet Abby. Its so good that her and I are going to the same school this year, hopefully we are in the same classes.


*At the beach*


Abby’s POV

It was a beautiful hot summers day and Justin and I were at the beach. We had been swimming all morning and were really hungry so we decided to go find somewhere to have lunch. We dried off, got changed and gathered our things. We had just started walking when I felt Justin's fingers intertwining with mine, I looked up at him and smiled. I loved spending time with Justin and it was even better how comfortable we were together. 


Abby: It’s so beautiful down here! There’s not even a cloud in the sky.

Justin: This is my favourite spot to go and just chill in the summer time.


Just as he finished talking I saw someone waving at us in the distance and then start running towards us with someone.


Justin’s POV

I looked next to me and saw that Abby had a confused look on her face and that’s when I saw Ryan and Chaz running towards us.


Ryan: Justin! Hey dude!

Justin: Hey, its been a while.

Chaz: Too long bro!

Ryan: And who is this beautiful girl?


Ryan was just about to give Abby a kiss when I pulled her close to me, Ryan is always so flirty with girls and it can sometimes get really annoying… especially when it’s with girls I like.


Justin: Ryan, Chaz this is Abby… 

Chaz: Are you guys dating or?


Abby’s POV

I’m not really sure who these guys are, I’m guessing their Justin’s friends. They both seem really nice. Chaz is really sweet and seems a light shy while Ryan is super flirty and I can tell Justin isn’t too impressed with him. After Ryan asked about me Justin put his hand on my hip and pulled me in closer towards him.


Justin: Ryan, Chaz this is Abby… 

Chaz: Are you guys dating or?

Abby: He wishes...

I said smirking at Justin.

Justin: Oh yes I do

Chaz: well I'm guessing it won't be long before you guys are...

Chaz said as he looked down pointing at Justin's hand on my hip.

Justin: I hope your right haha anyways what are you guys up to?

Chaz: Well we were just chilling at the skate park about to go get some lunch then we saw you.

Abby: Oh really we were just going to get some lunch as well, want to join us?

Ryan: Yea sure can’t see why not.

Justin: Okay sweet let’s go then!


We made our way to avenue 31, it was this cute café type restaurant on sunset boulevard.  We all walked inside and sat down in one of the booths. Everyone grabbed a menu and started talking about what we were going to have for lunch.

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