Do I wanna know?

"Crawling back to you.
Never thought of calling when you've had a few?
cause I always do.
Maybe I'm too
busy being yours to fall for somebody new
now I've thought it through
crawling back to you
do I wanna know
if this feeling flows both ways
Sad to see you go
was sorta hoping that you'd stay
baby we both know
that the nights where mainly made for saying things that we can't say tomorrow day"

Izz breaks up with her long term boyfriend in order to add more adventure into her life. Will it all be a big mistake?


2. Chapter one: Come in.

Chapter One

I was happily unhappy, That's the way it was. I could not leave him but I was happy with the way he treated me and the way his hand always seemed to fit into mine. I wasn't happy being trapped in the endless whirlpool of "you make me so happy" or "I love you loads and loads". I had read enough love notes from him to make up a whole other him. That's why I had to end it.

That's why I ended it.

I made my way to his flat, the night air causing shivers to run up and down my spine as I opened the door to his building. The lights above me made it seem like a hospital, bright white lights shinning down on me. The stairs that where positioned right in front of me where not as clean as a hospital, covered in old gum and the dried up remains of mucus.

I made my way up these stairs until I reached the 3rd floor. I then walked along the darkly lit corridor until I came face to face with flat number 37. The door was painted green and was smooth and slick.

Knock... Knock... Knock...

I stepped back waiting for the door to open and his rather handsome face to appear.

Was I really about to give up on over a year of my life?

It wasn't right.

I was going to do it.

He opened the door with a smile that could charm any girl (who wasn't a gold digger). His jaw line was sharp and pointed, his skin permanently tanned, His Hazel eyes covered by a brown mop of hair. His head was on a very muscular body which always suited black jeans and a white top. There was not doubt that I was attracted to his face, body and personality but I just didn't feel love anymore.

"Hey Izz" He said in his deep husky voice, this smile growing wider."Come in"

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