I'm am going to write imagines about youtubers�� sorry if my English isn't the best but I'm kinda young so...��☄�� hope you like it!������


8. Grayson Dolan part 2

You woke up in a bed that wasn't yours. You looked around to see where you was and realized You was in the hospital. You got up and started searching for Grayson's room. There were many rooms so it took a long time but you finally found it. "Grayson?" You whispered. "Grayson are you awake?" There was no response. You slowly walked over to his bed and lay down beside him. You began to cry but so no one could hear you. "Grayson if you can hear me...please do something...say something..." You began to cry even more. "Just anything!" Nothing happened so you began to lose hope. Then as you was crying someone put there hand on your head. You looked up and saw Grayson. Your sad face turned into a happy face. He was about to say something but you kissed him before he could finish. "I'm so happy that you are alright! I was so worried!!!" He hugged you and said "I love you (y/n)! I love you more than anything" "I love you too" you said. He had to stay in a few days but you were staying there with him.

Today was finally the day. Grayson could get out. And you guys were spending the day together. You walked out of the hospital hand in hand to your car. You got home to your place and while you were cuddling you sat up with a serious look on your face. "Grayson I have to tell you something" he liked at you with a worried look. "I'm really sorry but...I...I have..." "Come on just say it" he said with a smile on his lips."I have cancer" his smile disappeared and a tear fell down he's cheek. You burst into tears he immediately hugged you. You stayed up all night talking. While you where talking you fell asleep holding hands.

The end.

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