I'm am going to write imagines about youtubers�� sorry if my English isn't the best but I'm kinda young so...��☄�� hope you like it!������


6. grayson dolan part 1

"Bye gray! I love you" you said as Grayson was walking to his car. He turned around and said "I love even more (y/n)!" You watched as he got in the car and drove away. You where standing there just watching his car disappear. You turned around and just before you got in you heard a BIG smash. You already knew it was him. You ran over to where the crash was and as you was expecting it was him. You kinda ran and kinda walked to his car. You got the door opened and saw Grayson. "Grayson?..." You said kinda quite. "Gray...Grayson please!..please Grayson! I NEED YOU!" You burst into tears and falls on the ground. Other people had walked over to the crash and someone called the police. When the police and the doctors or ambulance people (don't know what there's called) came and took Grayson away you insisted to go with him in the ambulance. The men who were taking him saw your red eyes and also the way you screamed for him before so you could go with them.

When you got to the hospital you couldn't go with Grayson any longer. "But...but he is my boyfriend!" The doctor just walked away and then he stopped and walked into a room. Of cause I called Grayson's parents. When they got here and saw me that realized it was serious.

The doctor came back but he was only getting Grayson's parents. After about an hour he came back and we walked to Grayson's room. When I walked in the room I saw him. Ethan (Grayson's brother) came over and hugged me. "He's in coma" I began to cry in Ethan shoulder. I was devastated. I walked over to Grayson and kissed his hand. I began to have trouble breathing and Ethan came over and asked if I was okay and then it all turned black.

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