The Bad Boy Who Stole My Heart


3. ch. 2



" Bray get up ", A voice said.

I opened my eyes and saw my mom, I didnt realize that I fell asleep while I was doing homework.


" Hurry up now, were going to Charles' remember ", Mom reminded me.

" Oh yeah.. erm.. sorry ",

" It's alright Bray, now I want you to go and get yourself cleaned up and get dress, I'll see you down stairs in fifteen minutes ", I nodded and she got out.


I hurriedly went to my bathroom and got everything that I'm supposed to do done.I wore a little black dress that's about three two inches above my knee and that hugs my curve perfectly.

" Hey mom ",

" Aw honey you look beautiful ", Mom complimented.

" You're not so bad yourself mom ", she chuckled and off we go.


Mom was driving for about fifteen minutes now and finally, ugh thank god we've arrived, it was dreadful hearing my mom so... frantic about her dress or my impression to his sons.


I got of the car and holy smokes Charles' house is so big, this is actually my first time to go to his house, I met him ages agobut he usually goes to our house or he treat us to dinners or lunches because of his sons that's why, well I presume.


Mom rang the doorbell twice before Charles answers it.

" Liz ", Charles greeted.

" And Braylon ", he smiled at me.

Mom kissed Charles' cheek as I greeted him back.

" Well ladies let's go inside shall we ",

We went inside and you won't believe who I just freaking saw.


" Chase can you stop running around ", Jared complained. There I saw a little boy whose age is about five and he's running around the living room.

" Jared will you stop acting like a baby and just get Chase ", Brad said.

" Ahem. ", Charles cleared his throat and all of them looked at our direction.

" Boys this is Braylon, Liz's Daugther ", He introduced me and I got a bunch of heys.

" Well shall we head to the dinning area now ", Charles asked and we all nodded, he led us to the dining room and we all sat.

" So Braylon, I heard that you attend the same school with my boys ", He said.


" Oh uhm yeah ", I replied.


" That's great cause those three would be around you every single day ", He smiled and I'm hella confused on what he's trying to say.

" What do you mean Dad ?", Brad asked, yup those boys are also confused as I am

" Liz and I decided to move in together, so Liz and Braylon would be moving in with us ", Charles explained.

" Mom a - are you serious ", My eyes widened.

" Honey I know it's ha- "

" Mom I'm happy for you ", I stood up and hugged her.

" Aww thanks sweetie ",

Dinner was fine I found out that Brad, Jared and Tyler have a soft spot for their little brother Chase, and it's cute that the way they act around him is so loving. Who knows that they have those kind of side.


" Well it's a pleasure to have you ladies here ", Charles bid us off.

I bid goodbye to the boys and Jared gave me a sudden hug, my cheeks started to turn red and I can't help it.

'Bray stop it! control your thoughts and emotions, Jared would be your stepbrother soon so just breathe in and breathe out' my conscience told me.


well it's been a fun long night, I lay on my bed and kept on rolling, Ugh why can't I stop thinking of him what's wrong with me.







Hi so hope you guys like this chapter


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