The Bad Boy Who Stole My Heart


2. ch. 1


" Hannah why are we exactly here ", I asked.

" To drool over those football hotties ", she said, as her eyes are glued to the field.

" Why can't we just go to class ", I whined.

" Ugh fine ", Hannah groaned. we stood up and started to walk away.

" Watch out ", someone yelled.

I turn around and catch the football amazingly, the one who threw the football came towards us and I can tell that hannah is freaking out.

" Am I dreaming or is Brad Monroe going towards us ", Hannah Squealed.

" Hannah just try and keep yourself calm ", I told her and she nodded.

" Hey nice catch ", He said.

" Thanks ", I smiled.

" I'm Brad ", He introduced himself.

" I'm Braylon ", I said as I give him the football back.

" Well then it was nice meeting you Braylon ", He said and he went off.

" Oh my sweet potatoes did Brad just talk to you ", She said freaking out.

" uh yeah he kinda did while you're all frozen and all ", I said.

" Lets just head to class ", I said as I pull her arm making it look like that I'm forcefully dragging her ",


Math class wasn't that boring.. well it's kinda boring. anyway the bell rung lunch was finally here.

I got out of the classroom and went to the cafeteria.

" Hey Han ", I greeted her and placed my tray on the table as I sit down.

" Hey Brayl... ", she drifted off , I turn around to see why she's acting like that and well I doubt it right, the Monroe brothers are entering the cafeteria and all the girls are drooling over them, why? cause they're hot and bad

Brad Monroe - The oldest of them all he's 18 a senior and the captain of the football team.

Jared Monroe - The second oldest, he's 17 a Junior like Hannah and I and he plays quarterback He also does track and some he's competes in nationals and like his brothers he's a total badboy and a hottie as Hannah says.

and lastly Tyler Monroe He's 15 and A sophomore he plays halfback on the football team.

" I don't get why you're so worked up over them ", I said. " Yeah they're hot but it's not like they're food ",.

She rolled her eyes " Can you please get me an arizona green tea ", she pleaded with her puppy eyes and pouty look, I walked to the vending machine and got her a drink a soon as I was heading back to our spot I accidentally run smack into someone.

It was Tyler Monroe, My eyes winded, my heart's pounding like crazy, Started to walk fast but stopped.

" You know you're supposed to apologize not walk a way ", the voice said. I turn around and I saw Brad.

" Well if it isn't Braylon ", Brad said.

I stood there without saying a word.

" If you should have been paying attention you wouldn't run smack someone ", Brad said.

" Says the one who almost smack her with a football ", Tyler said and looked at me.

" Fine I'm sorry for almost hitting you with a football ", he groaned.

" Hey can I see your phone ", he asked and I handed it to him

" here I'll text you later we gotta go and practice ", he said.

I checked my phone and woah I just got one of the Monroes number

" Did Tyler just ", Hannah said shocked.

" lord please help her ",.


I got home and I found my Mom home early.

" Hey honey ",

" Hey Mom why are you home so early ",

" Cause we are going to Charles' and you get to meet your new siblings although they're guys I think you know them they go to your school except the small one he's 5 ", Mom said.

I'm happy for mom that she's happy again ever since my dad and her split up she become sad and it hurts me to see her like that.

I went up to my room and decided to do my homework's .


Hi I hope you like the story :)

N x

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