The Haunted House


3. The voice

The Voice

Clara was screaming while being taken away by some kind of mechanical hand. Lexi was left with no one in sight. She was crying and didn't know what to do. Lexi's first thought was to run for her life but didn't want to abandon her friends. So she just stood there panicking. The deep voice came back from nowhere freighting Lexi.

Voice- I ask again. What are you doing here!

Lexi- I came back to see why I was so scared 6 years ago.

Voice- you were a little 10 year old girl with a friend weren't you?

Lexi- yes. My friend was the last one with me before something took her away. Where are my friends!!

Voice- oh. Don't worry. You friends are in good hands.

Lexi- what do you mean?

Voice- I will be taking good care of them.

Lexi- leave them alone!

Voice- do you not remember what happened to you?


Voice- your friends will see.

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