The Haunted House


4. the sacrifice

The sacrifice

The voice disappeared and lexi was left to decide for her self what to do. She decided to go find her friends. Lexi ran room to room trying to find something. She went to 15 rooms and wanted to give up. Lexi stopped and herd something from a room down the hall. Lexi ran and when she got closer it sounded like Gavin and Will. Lexi got to the door and hesitated to open it not knowing what was going to be on the other side. Lexi got enough strength to open the door and she did. Gavin and Will were tied to the ceiling and the the ground with rope stripped to their underwear. The same mechanical hand that took Clara away were every where. There were like 20 of them all over the guys. Lexi realized that the hands were tickling Gavin and Will everywhere. They were laughing like never before and looked extremely tired of it. For some reason the guys couldn't see Lexi. But before a hand grabbed Lexi she slammed the door. Lexi stood there taking in what she just witnessed. Lexi still had to find her other friends. She took off to the 3 floor and found Clara and Natalie together. They were both strapped down to an X table in a bra and underwear being tickled by the same hands Gavin and Will had. Lexi closed the door and couldn't find Carson. Lexi went back to the room they entered at the start trying to get the voice back. Lexis was yelling and screaming in tears trying to find the voice to let her friends go. Lexi didn't here the voice so she said "why won't you take me and let everyone else go. I got us into this and should be the one to take the punishment". Lexi closed her eyes and when she opened them she was in the same position that Gavin and Will were in. The voice came into the room and showed Lexi her friends leaving and the voice said that it was a terrible mistake to save her friends and will never leave to see them again unless someone else will help her. Lexi was extremely nervous but had no time to think before the mechanical hands from nowhere tickling her to death. Hours have passed and Lexi was so tired she almost passed out. Lexi had never laughed so hard in her life and wanted it to be over. She knew her friends were gone and they all ran from their levels out the door. Lexi had no hope of leaving. Eventually she passed out and the hands stopped.

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