The Haunted House


1. the decision

The decision

It was that time of night when a group of curious teenagers go searching for the mysteries that lye ahead of them. A group of six teenagers around the age of 16 and 17 decide to get together for one last adventure. Their curious minds will affect how they look at each other in the morning and will bring them closer or farther apart.

Lexi, Clara, and Natalie decide to have a sleepover with Carson, Will, and Gavin their closest friends. Lexi and Clara have been friends since pre- k and met Natalie in high school during soccer season. Clara was more into skateboarding then soccer but the school didn't offer skateboarding as a sport. Natalie's boyfriend is Gavin who is a tall swimmer and the geek of the squad. Will and Carson played soccer and are both the team captains. Will is the ladies man and Carson just wants to do good in school.

It's Friday last period at school and the whole gang has a study period. Gavin and Natalie want to have a sleepover with all their friends before they all leave for college. They all agreed but Clara teased them saying Natalie and Gavin just wanted an excuse to sleep together. They all went to lexi's house after school because it was the biggest room and her family was out of town.

Lexi set up food and drinks in the living room until she heard the doorbell ring. Lexi ran to answer and there was Natalie and Clara.

Clara- hey girl!!

Natalie- we are ready to party!!

Lexi- awesome. Just put you stuff in the living room and I need to change. I look a mess.

Clara- you look great but go change.

Clara and Natalie went into the living room and sat down. Natalie is always on her phone texting Gavin non stop.

Clara- why are you always on your phone texting Gavin? He is going to be here in like a minute.

Natalie- I know but that's not soon enough.

Clara- do you ever sleep at night with out texting him?

Natalie- not really.

The doorbell rings and Clara gets up to answer it. There are Will, Gavin and Carson in Baggie sweats and t-shirts on. Clara lets the guys in and yells up to Lexi letting her know the guys are here. She came out of here room and started to come downstairs. Gavin and Will head to the living room but Carson stops when he sees Lexi in her yoga pants and soccer sweat-shirt on. Gavin sits next to Natalie who sits in his lap. Will and Clara take the couch and Lexi sat next to Clara after hugging Carson who sat next to Will. They were all sitting in the living room wondering what to do. Gavin gets an idea that no one really wants to do but willingly to go for the risk all together.

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