Us.Three of us.Four of them.One place,one time,one event that changed US forever.When 3 fangirls meet at the same 5 seconds of summer concert they could not anticipate what the future would bring.Will 5sos notice them or will their differences keep them apart?

Poppy,Halla & Yale


1. Yale soundcheck

Yale's POV

I was getting ready for the 5sos concert while listening to Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez.I was wearing a pink flannel shirt,white high waisted shorts and my all black converse.I was doing my make up which was a natural skin color eyeshadow,liner,winged liner and dark red lipstick.I let my wavy hair down.I grabbed my phone and wallet and went downstairs.I was jumping up and down because I was so excited I was seeing 5sos which is my favorite band!! I can't wait till I see them live.I was waiting for my mom to come down for like 5 minutes and she finally came down.''Mom mom mom mom let's go now!!'' I said grabbing her arm and jumping up and down.''Whoa Yale calm down,honey I'm driving you there now'' she said laughing.We went to the car and I was listening to their EP.We got to the veniue and I was so excited.I have the soundcheck too!! Today is just an amazing day.I got out of the car and my mom left.I gave my ticket and went inside.I was front row so I didn't have sits.The soundcheck started and they came out.''OMG'' the girl next to me screamed as Michael tripped with his own foot.''That Kitten'' I said.The Q&A started and they are so cute omg.''Yes'' Luke said pointing at me and I couldn't believe that he was actually talking to me.I looked behind to make sure he wasn't talking to someone behind me ''I'm talking to'' he said pointing at me again laughing ''me?'' I asked ''yes you'' Michael said and I laughed ''Would you date a fan and if you did would you take her on tour?'' I asked them ''I would totally date a fan and If I could I'd take her with me on tour because if it's love I couldn't take being  away from the one I love'' Ashton said with a serious face ''I would date a fan and I'd take her on tour but It'd be cute to FaceTime and tell her how much I miss her'' Mikey said ''I would date a fan I mean fans are people too and I'd try my best to take her on tour and It'd be amazing cudding while watching a film and listening to music or singing together'' Luke said looking at me in the eyes ''I don't know if I'd date a fan...I mean don't get me wrong I love all so so so much but you just know a lot of me that iI would tell you personally'' Calum said laughing ''What's your name by the way?'' Luke asked me ''Yale'' I said while looking at the ground embarrassed of my name ''That's a really pretty name'' Luke said really cute ''Okay this is just getting awkard'' Michael said laughing.I'm a Luke girl by the way.I was so happy I got to talk to Luke. 

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