White Rose

*** SPOILERS TO FLARE. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ " FLARE " YET, I SUGGEST YOU TO READ IT FIRST BEFORE YOU BEGIN TO READ " WHITE ROSE " THANK YOU & ENJOY. :) *** What If Flare Didn't Exist? What If It Was All Just A Figments Of Dreams? One Of Flare's Theories Is That Carina Just Fell In A Deep Coma & Had A Dream Where She Felt Isolated & Cold. But Yet, Was She Beautiful. Like The Heavenly White Rose. The White Rose Means Innocence, Purity, & Silence. White Rose Talks About The Life Of Carina Smith, The 2nd Leader Of The Flare Inc...Or Was She The Leader? Will Carina Wake Up From Her Coma & See Pretty Things? What Will The World Be Like For Her When She Finally Wakes Up?


1. The Heavenly White Roses With Sharp Thorns



" Just Because Someone Looks Happy, Doesn't Mean They Are. Because Even A White Rose Has A Black Shadow. "





I've Always Thought White Roses Were The Most Prettiest Flowers I've Ever Seen.

They Meant Purity & Innocence. Sometimes Silence.

Sometimes, White Roses Can Mean Sadness & Goodbye.

But They Were So Daring.

So Heavenly.


When I Was Younger, I Remember That My Mum Would Always Have A Garden Of White Roses, Just For Me.

She Would Always Plant These Around Spring Time.

They Would Always Bloom On My Birthday, Which Is One Of The Most Heavenly Things You'll See.

I Would Always Make Flower Crowns Out Of Them, Or Play " He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not " For My Future.

They Were So Pretty.


Once, My Mum Told Me To Pick Out A Couple Of White Roses, So That We Would Have Bouquet Of Flowers In The Dining Room.

I Was Excited.

I Ran Into The Field Of White Roses.

My Mum Likes To Call It, " The Garden Of Heaven ".

I Walked Closer To The Heavenly Roses.

Luckily, They Were Bloomed Just In Time. 

I Happily Picked Out A Couple Of The Roses.

I Was Mesmerized By The White Beauty.

I Accidentally Pricked Myself With One Of The Thorns On One Of The Roses.

I Yelped & Felt The Worst Kind Of Pain.

I Looked At My Pricked Finger, Bleeding Out The Color Red.

The Most Human Color.

I Didn't Mind.

It Was Just A Tiny Prick, So I Continued To Pick Out Some More.

So Pretty...

I Pricked Myself Again.

" Ouch! " I Yelped Louder.

I Ignored & Picked Out More.


Picked Out More.


Picked Out More. 


I Continued To Do This So Until I Realized My Entire Hand Was Bleeding.

I Was Petrified.

Why Did These White Rose Suddenly Got Violent?

They Were Supposed To Be Innocent.

Their Thorns Felt Like Razor Blades, Perforating My Fingers.

It Was The Most Unbearable Pain.

I Cried As I Saw The Horror Of My Bloody Hand.

I Dropped The White Roses & Ran Inside To My Mum.

The Garden Of Heaven Turned Into The Garden Of Shadows.

Sometimes, The Most Beautiful Things Will Have A Side That No One Sees.

They Were So Innocent.

Yet So Violent.

But They Were Pretty...

So Pretty.

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